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And just like that, CN has just lost a sizable chunk of its viewership.

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I don't know whether or not I'm glad Garnet and Peridot didn't fuse. But this WAS a nice breather episode for the two to understand each other a little more.

Unless I'm mistaken, this was the third episode to pair Peri with one of the Crystal Gems? I like the growing camaraderie.

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Message received. Pants shat. Earth royally boned.

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Now things are starting to get heavy. That simulation of Earth turning into a gem colony. Jeezum crow.

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"Uh-oh! A character in the comic doesn't match how they look in the show! Clearly this must mean the artist draws like a 10-year-old with Parkinson's syndrome and we must screech like banshees at them on Twitter!"

Cynicism aside, I liked this issue. The focus is a little wonky at times as it sometimes feels more like a Rarity/Firegem story than a Rarity/Gilda story, but I still had fun reading. And yes, I like Fosgitt's art. So there.

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How even? How do you even MAKE an episode this adorable? You're dealing with DARK MAGIC, Sugar!

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Can't comment. Too dead from the awesomeness. (But apparently not dead enough to say I'm too dead to comment. XD)

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Those are some straight-up Looney-Tunesy-looking griffons. One of them looks so much like Foghorn Leghorn. XD

This is going to be fuuuuuun.

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Ah, normalcy. I could use some after Derailment of the Crystal Empire.

*reads about orphan birds*

Well, that's a little morbid! Damn, Rice!

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The Jem/pony crazy train chugs forever onward.