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I'm in my 3rd week of a preaching class at CCU. Professor's name is Alex Eddy. What a cool dude who loves expository preaching.

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I still love you in spite of your criticism . . . I too probably have some level of heresy in me somewhere.


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He makes it less fearful for the average Joe to understand how to read the Bible.

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Wow, Don. I felt really cared for in this post.

You would do well to make this into a sermon, or a preface to your eBook on how "A Beginner's Guide to Making Disciples".

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Okay. Right on.

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You know what's interesting, check out the original language in this sentence: "the earth was without form and *void*"

Also, I don't think that God sent Adam out of the Garden to work the ground; instead God sends Adam out of an immediate relationship (current, nothing hindering) which was experienced only in the Garden. Adam's work on the ground is now "cursed" with "thorns and thistles." Remember, Adam was in charge of the Garden before he sinned, which means we don't have any reason to believe that Adam didn't work the ground before he sinned. Only after his sin is the ground cursed, thus causing Adam to work it "by the sweat of his brow," which indicates stress, hardship, and difficulty.

Your thoughts?

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Looks like we're both fans of the World Wide Classroom!

It's great that they offer such wonderful courses on there.

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I love the "fake seminary buddies" thing. Ha, funny!

Have you checked out World Wide Classroom? Dude, talk about good material.. and it's covenant theology. Check it out here:

TONS of resources, FREE.

Also, David Hocking's treatment of Christology is FANTASTIC at Blue Letter Bible Institue: I took that course and it was amazing.

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Looking forward to the eBooks.

I've never written about lent. I probably won't either.

I hear you about the themes. I've got one word for that: Hours.

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Ha! You're a riot.