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Sten-Erik <><Sent from my mobile

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Larry - Excellent points! I'm not certain, but I don't think this guy is a believer. He was using the concept as a rhetorical device to make his point. Was his video laden with logical fallacies? Yup. Was it still thought provoking? Yup. I didn't post it as something that I would stand behind or endorse, but rather as a launching point for thought and discussion. :)

Great analysis of his misuse of the proverbial statement.

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i love it

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I would like to affirm you. You are not a dinosaur. I have done an online class. I appreciated the convenience, but the lectures, class interaction and separation from the campus experience are huge drawbacks. I don't plan on taking another online class any time soon. Miss seeing you on campus!

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Thanks for the accountability. Writing now! :)

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I know, right? I never reply to them.

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Excellent post - Thank you! I was at Concordia - River Forest in 1990 when the idea of doing the sign of the cross seemed to be making a resurgence. In our society it does have the "stigma" of Rome, but the historic roots are rich. I appreciate your article.

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Okay. Just discovered that the anonymous post above was my 11 year old daughter. I thought it was a little creepy and stalkerish. That explains quite a bit!

I have spawned weird, but great children. :)

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Thanks - I appreciate the encouragement! Don't look up to me, though. Anything of me that appears in the least bit to be admirable is not of me, but of God.

If you ever want to touch base or possibly meet, let me know - I can't facilitate that from an anonymous comment. :)

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My Google analytics shows that I have one consistent reader from North Dakota. I'll see what I can do to point him your way. :) I hate to think your map is incomplete!