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Oh trust me, I am well aware of the history here. Why is it that when I say I think it's lame and unoriginal to remake a movie, people always assume I'm talking about current and future remakes? Sure, there are a lot of remakes that have been done recently, and a lot more on the horizon, but there have also been many many remakes in the past that are equally horrible. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough to jcf. I hate remakes from the very first one through modern ones.

It's not a trend, and it's not stopping any time soon, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't hope it does stop one day.

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Wilson does have a healing factor similar to Wolverine's. If they took as many liberties with Deadpool as they evidently have, then it would stand to reason that they would be willing to have the regenerative property regrow his head. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, and unless FOX seriously changes Deadpool from the current version between now and the film's release (or change the characters climax in the story), I hope it doesn't happen. That is NOT deadpool. I want to see the real Deadpool. Hopefully someday Marvel will get the rights back and do him proper.

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Think this teaser will change the minds of all the Transformers haters out there? It was friggin sweet! Even my wife thought so, and she can't stand movies like that. It is gonna make BANK!

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Now there's an idea I can get behind

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That sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the info.

Now we know, and knowledge is half the battle!

Sorry, had to do it

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I'll admit that when the story about a rumored screening of a crappy trailer broke, I was a little worried. But I feel a lot better now. That looked pretty good.

The action looked great, and that is the bulk of what Joe is all about. Guns, explosions, action! I'm stoked. And I'm pretty sure we can all agree that enough guys will be going purely based on a love of the characters and all the fond childhood memories of hours spent playing with their own joe's. Those guys will help this movie make enough to warrant a sequel. So, like it or not, I think we are going to be seeing a lot more G.I. Joe over the next 5 years or so.

I'm down for that, I love me some G.I. Joe!

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You had me at Olivia Munn...

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I know man, it's nuts. I have no idea why so many people in Hollywood are thinking this is a good idea. In fact, I'd be willing to bet there are enough intelligent people in the business to know these are all crappy ideas. Problem is those same people are also greedy, and that's exactly what this is all about. It's a money grab. If the original made money, surely there is a possibility that the remake will. Especially if it is a remake of a more recent film.

The only way we can get this to stop is just to stop going to see the remakes in the theaters, and to stop buying them on DVD. But there is no way that enough people would be willing to stop. Myself included. As much as I hate things like that, I still show up, hoping that it will somehow end up being good. I just can't help myself, and I have a feeling that a lot of people are just like that. Oh well, what are you gonna do, right?

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I'm down for a Flash movie, hopefully not before they finish the Green Lantern though. The script that I read for that would be EPIC. I'm sure they are deviating from that as they go along, but I honestly thought that it was so good, that even if it's only a little like the script I read, it will be very good.

On Flash though, I'm really hoping they don't go for the whole "Flash is a wise-ass, childish jokester" thing like he was in JLA. Unfortunately I think that is the Flash that most people will know and expect to see, but he really wasn't like that in the majority of his comic book appearances. Sure I'd like to see the occasional wisecrack for levity, but not to the point that he becomes a clown, again like they did in JLA. I'd like to see Mirror Master or Captain Cold as the villain, I think it would be pretty cool to see either one. If they use Captain Cold, they could go for a victim calling him Mr Freeze (Which really pisses him off) and he could go off on him. That would be funny and kinda cool.

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I'm not sure if they would cast him after playing Deadpool and likely getting the Deadpool spinoff that's been talked about recently. I think they missed the boat on him. He's always said he wanted to either be Flash or to play Deadpool, but I'm not sure he'd do both, or even if they'd try to cast him after playing Deadpool.