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Don't spend money you don't have..... The Alternate rule is get your self elected to congress or named treasury secretary. Then you dont have to pay your taxes and get paid 180K per year (plus kickbacks) to spend money you don't have.

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I don't agree with you, I think your naive and a fool.

Your comparison to Ipods and Iphones is simplistic and muddled and completely off point. Your challenge to Mouels01's post, 'that's a big maybe" completely misses Mouels01s point and mine. It's not a big maybe, it's a virtual certainty.

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growing marijuana is incredibly cheap. All you need is seed, soil, and sun. Photosynthesis and time does all the rest. What makes it expensive is the risk of spending 20 years in a federal penitentiary. Mouels01 is correct, this type of story was very common around the illegal liquor trade, then the Volstead Act was repealed and the monopoly pricing disappeared and with it the wealth that had inevitably flowed to the crime syndicate most willing to be the most violent to protect their monopoly pricing.

The war on drugs is itself a fraud that creates the very economic conditions that enrich the mexican drug lords. You want to win the war on drugs, fight them economically. Decriminalize-legalize. The drug lords will go bankrupt the same way Circuit City did. It's basic economics.

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No need to "bet" it has happened before.

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pencils don't kill people, people kill people. - - truly mightier than the sword.

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why do you think that matters? Didn't matter for NDAA, health care mandate, or last weeks supreme court decision that strip searches were ok for traffic offenses.

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10 years ago there was a string of incidents:
Black man waves gun at cop
Black man charges cop with 3 foot sword
Black man tries to run cop over with his car
Another black man waves gun at cop
Black naked man steals cops gun and shoots cop dead

In each of these cases someone died. In all but the last one the officer was crucified by NAACP in the media. (not even the NAACP is prepared to accuse the corps of a white cop of racism, but believe it or not suspects race was the first question at the press conference afterwards... And the NAACP did accuse others of "politicizing" the officers death. ) In each of these cases the officers actions were ruled justified.

This summer it will be 2 years since officer Ian Burke gunned down a native American deaf wood carver for the crime of holding a folded pocket knife and minding his own business. The Silence from the NAACP was deafening. Just once I'd like to see the NAACP speak out for truth and justice irrespective of race. How can any one condiser themselves a prominent civil rights group while sitting idly by watching John Williams be gunned down.

And after all that our community collectively wonders where have all the good cops gone. They all left after the death of Deputy Richard Herzog.... And it's little wonder.

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Treasury borrows from Fed, and China, and Japan, and Saudi Arabia, and anybody else that holds Treasury Bonds.

(Obama care and the Stimulus are much bigger contributors to the deficit... well technically expenses for O'care have not yet started even though tax increases have so that has over the last 2 years reduced the deficit, but that is about to end as costs begin to kick in... White House budget office projects O'care net costs over the next 10 years at ~1.7T... though fears and uncertainty over O'Care have certainly been a drag on employment and thus drag on income tax revenue.... but I digress.)

The rules for recognizing TARP debt in the national deficit numbers are fully explained on pages 48-49 in this link to the US Treasury dpt report on Office of Financial Stability Agency Financial (The Treasury agency set up to manage TARP) report for Fiscal Year (here after - FY) 9/30/2009. The short of it is when TARP funds are used to purchase corporate bonds and stock only the Net present value is charged or credited to the annual deficit, not the total cost of the security.

(dollars in millions)
White House OMB reports FY 9/2009 total Deficit: -1,412,688

Total TARP appropriations: 700,000 - NOT counted in deficit.

Total TARP money spent to purchase corporate bonds
warrants, stock, and all other TARP expenditures: 453,000 - also NOT counted in deficit.

Total Net Costs of TARP operations
(page 14 of above link): 41,573 - This IS the amount that is counted in the FY 2009 deficit.

Page 12 of this Treasury report on TARP released 2/15/2012 shows in FY 2010 TARP operations actually generated income to the government REDUCING FY2010 deficit by 24,200M. (interest income on the ~200,000M of outstanding bonds the Treasury owns in TARP)

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also btw if according to your plan "the home owner has to pay the government back when they sell the home" how is it you figure "[the government] should have given [money] to the home owner to pay the bank. home owners would have gained equity."

.... if home owners have to pay the government back then that money is not equity it's a loan, and you are double counting the benefit when you call it equity.