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People who ruin their Thanksgiving with shopping should all get cancer and die.

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NASCAR sucks. Nothing but billboards making left turns for two hours.

If a race ends without a car flipping into the stands and taking out a few hillbillies, it's a failure. And before you hand out thumbs downs, that's exactly what the hillbilly fans think, too.

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How much has George Soros profited from Spanish misery?

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A real American!

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That guy would be bizarre looking if he was green!

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Okay, comrade - go back to 5th grade and learn the basic rules of grammar before spouting off. The one thing we teabaggers took from Mad King George was the King's English. No one understands one word of your post!

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Oxygen was not discovered until 1774. Is it your position that oxygen did not exist before that time? And don't use any of your lib science to answer that question - look where it got you with global "warming."

The fact is that the Founding Fathers were against Marxism and socialism in all their forms, no matter what you call it or who was born when. Good for this governor for recognizing this FACT!

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Good for this man! Even though Alaska was not a state at the founding of this country, he is bound to adhere to the views of the Founding Fathers, who were adamantly against Marxism. Anything else is mere socialist rhetoric.

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Same-sex marriage may seem strange, but remember that this is the state where one can be born in Kenya or Indonesia and still be declared a citizen.

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The earth is getting hotter, ergo more snow. Just look at all the snow on Mercury and Venus. Just more lib science, brought to you by the usual fear-mongers. Was this research conducted by Pelosi?