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Wouldn't Powell (1) be pleased that freedom of movement was ending? (2) be sad that the new points based system seems to be a way of bringing it much of it back again, because UK employers demand cheap well-trained workers?

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With our sovereignty recovered, as it has been, we are free to become more or less involved with the EU depending on our choices and our opportunities. De Gaulle was right that the aim should have been for a Europe of nations. Even now, this is what it could be and should be. As Paul Kennedy argued, the reason for Europe's post-medieval supremacy was its diversity.

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Absolutely right. I have known many students at UK universities who have taken advantage of Erasmus schemes. Unless they spoke the language of the host country (usually because they were born there) they learned very little, even if they had a rave of social life. But if they go to eg India or America, they can have a much better educational experience and make much more useful contacts for their future careers. Turing is much better than Erasmus.

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Loyalty is a primary requirement in Johnson's cabinet - but this can be relaxed at the end of this week.

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You mean to insult something which doesn't exist, yet.

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If immigration does not fall it will give an enormous boost to what we hope will be called the Reform Party.

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The deal is more like a separation than a divorce but if you are splitting up then a separation is much better than no divorce.

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Von der Leyen is so right. The EU got a very good deal.

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I do indeed look forward to John Ashworth's opinion. If he's for it then I'll probably be for it.

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The countries I've worked in, and sold stuff to, are India and the USA. So I'd have been much happier if government effort had gone into facilitating trade with them instead of a relentless focus on EU countries. Of course we should deal with the EU too but I see no reason for a 'most favoured nation' relationship with the EU. In bidding for research contracts it was difficult for them to eligible unless they included a partner from southern Europe.