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The 3D-Timberwolves felt very out of place, it's fun when they experiment a little, like the felt animation in "A Friend In Deed", but this time it just looked ugly. I certainly hope that they won't use anymore 3D-stuff in the show from now on.

Other than that, it was a very entertaining episode, one of the best so far this season. (although that's not saying much since there haven't been a lot of really good eps this season so far, in my opinion)

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I would make five clones, and then we'll just have to go to school one day each i the week, just like Calvin did in Calvin and Hobbes!

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Both of those covers looks awful, at least when you think about the fact that they're supposed to be OFFICIAL artwork. I really hope that it's not Andy Price that is drawing them. :S

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How dumb do you have to be to get tattoo's like that? -__- They are probably going to be a problem later on in life, maybe for work reasons, maybe they regret it. And it costs pretty much to remove them. I mean, a regular pony tattoo in a place easy to hide, why not, but those two? I honestly worry about some bronies...

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I don't want one! :O

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Is that even shirts? The arms need to be longer if I'm gonna buy any of them. :S

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I do certainly see clop/gore related comments sometimes on this site. And I can tell you right here that I do like both of those things. YES, I do like those, and yet I have these opinions about this particular site. Those things should be kept to their sites, and not be mentioned here.

And yes, I know most of 4chan, and Reddit probably is worksafe, I just pointed out that those sites also feature the "bad" things.

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"Do I care if children see this site? No. It's not designed for them."

Oh, so you don't care if children comes across sites like 4chan, random porn sites, etc. either? "It's not designed for them.", give me a break. This site is about a cartoon that is targeted to children, and not only that, it's the BIGGEST site about this cartoon. Of-fucking-course there will be children watching this site. Heck, even the child voice actresses of the show visits this site, don't you care about them either? You are seriously starting to disgust me.

"The basic truth of the matter is that there is a moral crusade. It is stocked with people like Joel who want every trace of anything remotely grown up eradicated from the site. They stoop to bullshit like "think of the children" or "what will Hasbro think?" as their way of getting their point across."

And you don't use any argument what-so-ever from what I've seen as to WHY posting clop/gore-related comments is a good idea on this site. Learn to respect other people and what they are offended to dammit.

"My point: anon downvoting does nothing to foster actual discussion. If you disagree with a person, then post your disagreement. That way, people can at least see who is disagreeing."
Then the thumbs up should go away too. And seriously, what harm does it do you that there are a certain number of downvotes on your comment? You just get the knowledge that a lot of people disagrees with your opinion, deal with it.

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Fair enough, but that doesn't make it less easy for the target audience to find this site and enjoy it. And beyond that, there actually ARE people who are offended by clop/gore that ARE ADULT. I just thought you'd noticed that, by all the downvotes you got when those were available. Just because this site might be primarily targeted to an adult audience, it doesn't mean it is okay to talk about inappropiate things, and that is the rule on any regular site that doesn't specifically target those things, and Reddit and 4chan of course.

Please, just please, for the sake of everyone, hold those comments away from this site. I don't have anything against you, and your sexual preferences or anything like that. Just respect the fact that other bronies are offended by it, and wants a site that is clean from it, just as I respect that a lot of non-bronies find bronies annoying on Youtube and such. I never post pony related comments on non-pony videos, even if "ponies brought me there", out of respect for other human beings.

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Tell me now, just why do you think it's a good idea to post a possibly clop-related comment on this site?

And just why wouldn't "think of the children" be a valid argument?