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Arguably one of the better things to happen to pony IMO.

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I wonder if the new Spike will be able to talk.

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More Sonic crossovers, that's all we need.

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Well, think about it like this: If he didn't get caught, do you think he would go ahead and admit it anyways and stop tracing? Or do you think he would even just not say anything about it and stop the tracing, and continue drawing with his own skill? I think not.
Again, I'm betting this is just a "oh no I got caught I better apologize so they won't bother me about it" apology.

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"For the future, he plans on no longer tracing anything"
Yeah, just because he got caught. This "apology" is probably to just get people off his back about it.

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H8 Seed was the bomb! I miss that guy.
And the Fluttershy modeling theme? Too much nostalgia. ;_; The early days were undoubtedly the best.

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Well, that joke went right over someone's head. lol

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Definitely been going downhill since she left, which is too bad.

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When I saw "Huge Pre-Black Friday Sales" I thought things were gonna be really cheap.

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Bronies, don't be hating. Remember how it makes you feel when people hate on your ponies.
Plus, ya know, it's kind of hypocritical.