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My first vote ever cast was Pat Toomey over Arlen Specter, even though Rick Santorum is one of my favorite politicians. People can make up their own minds. Who cares if Rick supported who. If anyone is swayed by an endorsement they probably should be kept....

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Santorum is the furthest thing from pro amnesty. He's probably the most conservative on the issue of all the candidates in the race. http://2012-presidential-candidates.findthedata.o...

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That is exactly what I based it from. I noted it as well. I wanted to get a video version of it.

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lol that's fine. I came back cause I just recently uploaded the entire clip of her just to put it up, even though it was a couple weeks ago. Here it is if interested:

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Umm, I'm one of the guys in the video. I talked to the lady.

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lol she didn't vote for him. She said she "cannot STAND that man!" and to "never say his name again to her!" I'm pretty disappointed the editor didn't put that in there.

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Nice, you trolled the exact same comment on Breitbart TV...

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Hey, I'm the guy in the video. We talked to 15 people, 11 signed. Out of the 4 who didn't, 2 were late for class. The other 2 we put in there real quick. We also left out student athletes who signed because we did not want to get them into any kind of trouble over this.

I sold the petition to show that any petitioner on the streets (who tend to be liberals here in DC and mostly environmentalists) can get just about anyone to sign since they are trained to do so. I obviously wasn't trained for this but was trying to get across a couple of points.

Have a good night.

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Lol I intentionally acted that way, it's to show the hypocritical nature of the left.

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We talked to 15 people on Georgetown's campus. 11 signed the petition. Out of the other 4 people who didn't - 2 were late for class, 1 was catching a bus, and 1 said they support freedom of speech but 'supported my cause'.