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You people need to give our President of the World a break!! Here is his new Asian Affairs spokesman (a very critical role in this trip) giving an in-depth analysis and homage to Diwali:

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I second the comments of Kepha and Nakal in their general sympathy for Ajami's quandary. As for why he hasn't come right out and denounce his faith, I'd say Hugh essentially answers his own question, with questions:

"What keeps him from open apostasy? Is it physical fear? Fear of not being able to travel to the Middle East? Filial piety?"

[and let's not add the almost certain medieval-style banning/shunning by one's entire family...How many of us wd be willing to accept that fate in return for baldly stating something we cd easily IMPLY without consequence?]

People like Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, and Ibn Warraq are heroes, risking grisly death every day of their lives for making a moral choice. Fuad Ajami is not a hero. Can we really fault him for choosing not to require massive personal security every moment of the rest of his life? I can never blame someone for not being a hero, esp. when his non-heroic efforts nevertheless have been and continue to be so harmful and effective against our enemies in the real world.

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Poor ol GWBush used to take a lot of heat for making semantic compromises, but at the end of the day every jihadi/"jihadi" with a gun or a bank account knew he was on W's deathlist, whether or not he had an alQaeda ID card...

Those look like "the good old days" already.

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The human rights groups went ballistic when this Muslim maniac was summarily executed by the Nigerian forces shortly following his capture...Funny how we haven't heard a peep from them as to the victims of this barbaric jihadi.

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I am firmly on Cornelius's side, so long as we remain cognizant of tactical realities, and never allow tactical preferences to run counter to strategic imperatives.

2 examples:

1) It is very common to form a tactical alliance with a lesser enemy to destroy or resist a [perceived] greater enemy: Stalin in WWII, Red China in the latter Cold War, Saddam vs Iran in the I/I War, Syria vs Saddam in ODS...No strategist worth his salt rejects that approach.

2) In just crude terms, if those killing and being killed by jihadis are fellow members of the ummah, that makes things that much less dangerous for us kuffars. Victor Frankel taught that, even within a concentration camp, there are better moral choices to be made, so clearly we resisting the jihad can and must make similar choices.

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Why can't Hamas send the Taliban all those US weapons they captured from Fatah a couple years ago?

That ended well...

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I hear the US State Dept has mysteriously requested an additional $116 million in cash assistance for the PA/PLO--of course from us taxpayers..

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I wd suggest to convert them out of their death-cult to a pacific religion that embraces love, peace and wisdom. Pick which you prefer!

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Gawd, I love that Latin comment w/the handshake!! Still LMAO!! I sure wdn't put it past Ratzinger, heheh.

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I gotta say, this nut reminds me of one of my favorite sayings about Jews: "Jews are just like non-Jews, except more so."

:- )