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Thank you for the inquiry Rosey.

The next round of cookies "will be available for sale starting Feb. 18," says Heather Law, product sales manager for Girl Scouts Oregon and Southwest Oregon.

She tells me the local troops will have eight cookie varieties for sale: the "Super Six," Dulce de Leche and Thank U Berry Munch.

She says the rest of the cookies are sold via a different vendor, who supplies troops outside of the Pacific Northwest. "The closest might be California," she said.

I hope this helps, and will be adding the details to the story above.

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Done! : )

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I'm afraid we have no further details than what is provided above. However, we have modified the woman's seemingly minor comment about not feeling her legs as such: "However, she did say that she could not feel her legs." This in itself is often a big deal.

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Indeed, here's the final Associated Press college football poll ranking: .

After the Ducks loss at the BCS Championship, it slid to the No. 3 slot (although the team was a close second, scoring 19 to Auburn's 22 points, in the BCS national championship game itself.)

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We'd love to have you ontheinside. : )

As a side note, the wording is original to the printed information received by us from the Oregon State Police. Thanks to your note, I have replaced the "at" with "and" and have noted the addition with the use of brackets (rather than add a [sic]).

I hope that helps!

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Thank you Wolf_Star! His name is Titan, so the accidental reference to Titus has been removed.

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Dear Ohman, Thank you for the note. The change has been made.

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Here's a link provided to my by KATU Meteorologist Dave Salesky today:

I hope this helps!

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I'm sorry about the removal of suspense Jstug. ; ) Our sister station in Seattle accidentally published the results to prior to completion of the pageant. You were one of only about two people who say the post before I was able to pull it down -- timing it for AFTER the results were broadcast on KATU.

And now we have a year to build up suspense for the 2012 pageant....