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Button Mash: "I don't get it.."

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*huggles you* ^w^ <3

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Happy New Year everyone! ^w^
Hope you all had a good year and hope the next one will be even better for you! :3

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A lot of things happened but the biggest ones were:
1) I spent 9 months talking to a person that I met on EqD, became best friends pretty fast, helped him to get out of his shell a bit more, showed him what true friendship is like and other things.. In the end he was way too obsessed with me as a friend and didn't like me talking with my other friends and playing league with them(what I do almost every day).. after that things just weren't working out too well and now were not friends anymore. I don't really care about the fact that were not friends because we both can move on with our lives. I'm just happy that I helped change him and helped him get out in the world a bit more - now hes at a new school and hes able to make friends since I helped him get out of his shyness and anxiety.
2) Spent a lot of the time talking to an amazing girl and we were talking on EqD every day and that lasted a few months. I'm not too sure what happened in the end but she just left and didn't come back, I still feel like that is entirely my fault because maybe I was a bit too caring for a person who I have never seen IRL and was just talking over the internet.. Maybe she just knew that nothing was gonna come out of this since she lives really far away - so no point of trying to start anything over the internet.. She probable was just trying to spare my feelings and not make it harder if we would just continue bonding even more.. It hurt a lot tho and it still kinda does since that was my first "relationship" if you can even call it that.. If you want to know more or just how it ended - you can just visit that place of our conversations from one of my last comments to her which should still be on my 3-4 page of my ID account, I don't mind :)
3) School hasn't been going too well for me and I'm struggling to figure what to do with my life and where to go from now.. I have no ideas or plans - currently I'm just trying to escape reality as much as possible..
4) I did find quite a few friends who are bronies and play league - so we kinda become best friends by now and we talk together pretty much everyday. They and this show are the only things in life that keep me alive and happy on the outside even tho on the inside I'm really empty and broken ever since the nr 2) happened..
5) Other small things that keep me busy, but the biggest was and still is - probably the memories I still have from this place when I talked to a person who cared about me and who I cared for (and still do) a lot..

Sorry for such a long and not really exciting story.. but this is just what I deserve I guess, I knew from the start when I talked to that girl that that was too good to be true for me, and so it was.

Okay, I see. I'm on a winter break as well. That's too bad :c
That's good, glad to hear your doing good in your studies. ^^

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Hey Olden! Yeah, its been way too long, I missed talking to you and a lot of others :c
A lot of stuff happened and some things just kept me away from talking on EqD, even tho I really want to sometimes..
How are you friend and whats new? ^^

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas eve! (or whatever you are celebrating) ^w^

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Damn, that's kinda unfair :/

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Damn, that's pretty awesome, Thanks! :D

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Need more Remixes! o3o

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That was beautiful. I cri everytiem.