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Maybe they should spend less time and money learning about places outside of the United States and spend more time and money learning about the United States, its constitution, rights and what its citizens really want from them.

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Exactly!!!!! We will never fix the problem until we fix the problems that are causing the problem if you know what I mean.

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I am afraid to say this but there really is nothing we can do to prevent this woman from being appointed to the Supreme Court. It is just the way I feel now and with a 60th democratic senator now there is no stopping it. We can write our senators until our fingers fall off and call them untill the earpieces on our phones shine like agates but they will not stop and she will be elected. Sorry for sounding so negative on this issue, just trying to be realistic. What we really need to focus on in my opinion is term limits on the Supreme court. Although this might be just as unlikely it is a fight that can build momentum over time and gain the support of a majority of Americans.

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As it stands maybe 50% do. Until then we must look at Iran as we should look at any other nation and that is through the eyes of our best interests. We should stand for human rights when they are being crumpled up and thrown in the garbage but we should also remember that our other concern is a nuclear Iran and that all of its current candidates feel roughly the same as their faux president does.

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Its hard for me to care much about the election in Iran being staged when all of the candidates were basically the same. I care very much about the people injured and even murdered just for protesting and speaking their minds and would stand against that kind of opression. The truth is that for Iranians to really have the freedom we enjoy here in America(the same freedom we are seeing slip through our fingers), they need to change their religious views. I dont believe anyone has the right to make them do this but I feel it is something they need to do themselves as their religious views and true freedom cannot coincide. America and Americans have mostly stood for, personal rights, and liberty but that I am afraid is where the line will be drawn with Iran until the Iranians as a whole or majority want the level of freedom we enjoy here.

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What is really scary here is that Ron Paul suggested this over 20 years ago and only now do others in congress feel it is a wise thing to do. I just wonder if they have a better idea than they admit to of just how bad a position our country is in financially and want to look good when the truth inevitably comes out. Any entity that has so much control over American Citizens should be subject to review and full disclosure to American citizens.

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God Bless the Marines!!!! We should all pray for their safety and success in this mission.

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You are exactly right. Someone close to Obama really needs to tell him that while some legacies are good many are bad as well and that he should really look into the past and present to see what his legacy will be in the future if this passes. Most likely it will be the latter of the two.
Then again that may not matter to him if he can single handedly pass legislation that taxes more snot out of Americans than any other president in history.

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I wish someone on the news, in the Senate, or in the House would come out with some facts about how much we would save in Healthcare as a country if illegal immigration was addressed and eliminated. I have a feeling that if we did that on top of reducing frivulous lawsuits on doctors we would be looking at hundreds of billions of dollars of healthcare savings. If we want to actually fix healthcare correctly we need to stop putting the cart before the horse and actually break down the costs we unjustly endure first. Just that in itself might make healthcare affordable. Until we do that any plan that is put forward will include costs that we will unfairly pay.

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I think what Obama wants to do here is create a division among Americans in yet another setting. The people that cannot afford the more expensive private healthcare will be forced into this public plan and the rich will still get the treatment they are used to. Obama himself would not admit to settling with a public option when it comes to the wellness of his own family. This will only create more disdain in the country between the classes, a.k.a. more fuel the far left have on hand to throw on the fire driving us apart as Americans. Wal-Mart standing up for mandated employer provided healthcare is only an attempt to capture what little marketshare remains from the "Mom and Pop" shops in this country as it would surely push them over the edge they are already teetering on. I just hope the people in this country as a whole have the foresight to see that what the government giveth the government can also taketh away. We can definitely do things to lower healthcare costs in our country but asking the government to do it is counterproductive. We need to spread the word in our own communities that a government run option has been tried and give examples of how it fails the people in all cases.