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I think the time has come for Trvor Phillips to be sacked and deported. What right has he to sit in judgement over us?

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Thank God we have the Revd Robert West. This is a creditable start for the BNP in Norfolk and against all the opposition we have done wel! I believe this country will wake up to the real issues facing us - a ridiculous open-doors policy, the change in character of so many towns and cities up and down this country, our disastrous membership of the EU, and our economic bankruptcy and the destruction ofso much of our industry and agriculture. Only the BNP has the policies to begin healing this nation!

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Two minutes of sheer delight! Many in the parliament must have sat shame-faced. Nick and Andrew are a credit to the party and the nation! History will prove this.

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This is a truly great day and I am sure Nick and Andrew will do a really professional job! I, too, hope that all European nationalist MEPs will soon form a bloc because I think they will work well together. I loved Nick's comments about Glenys Kinnock and whatever Nick says to the British media - about not being a fascist eg - they studiously and cravenly ignore. I wouldn't worry as I am sure neither Nick nor Andrew will take any notice at all of their detractors. They know they represent almost a million voters! But what an insult to us!!

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The countries of Africa were given their independence more than 40 years ago, Most of them have proved beyond doubt that their governments have neither the intelligence nor the integrity to feed thneir own people. Until they do no amount of Western money will solve the problem of starvation and under-development. There is just too much corruption in the continent for us to be made to feel guilty

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I pity anyone who still regards the "Sun" as a real newspaper. Even children must regard it as a stupid comic! And yet I hope the BNP has been awaded crippling damages from it for that is what it deserves. When will the media examine the 'credentials' of the UAF and Searchlight"?

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I as a Cumbrian am really proud of the Carlisle branch. Only by similar hard work all across this country will we be certain of success! We must not be inimidated by the hard left. It is obvious to any fair-minded person that our extreme opponents are those alone offering violence and are too scared to stand for democratic election themselves. The UAF will not admit their real identity. I am astonished that even now David Cameron will not aknowledge his mistake in supporting them. He was too hurried in giving them his support. He will soon rue the day he did.

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Every good wish in this election! The people generally must be made aware of the effects of mass immigration and the consequences of the spiritual vacuum and secularisation of the nation. The creeping Islamification of this country is playing into the hands of the hard left and will, I'm afraid, lead inevitably to civil unrest.

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If it's true that Revd Alex Brown has performed 180+ sham marriages for illegal immigrants he has not only broken the law but deserves to be unfrocked by the Church authorities. Somehow though I doubt that will happen.

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I am astonished at the ban imposed on the wearing of a crucifix by a pupil at a C of E school! It is just not good enough for the Head or Chairman of Governors to hide behind Health and Safety. This is complete madness and shows beyond doubt that so many people in authority lack all commonsense and have neither the will nor imagination to stem the headlong rush into secularism and anti- Christian prejudices. Fr Atherton should be ashamed of himself for showing such cowardice!