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A better analogy might be this....

We're in a cab after the cab driver told the repair shop to replace the CV joint and nothing more. While going down the road the car breaks down with us in it. In this case the cab drive's name is Uncle Sam (but it might just as well be Al Gore).

Our solution should be this. We fire their incompetency and get a new cab.

Give me a break! The spruce goose never made it out of ground effect and this bio push isn't much better. If there's lift then it will get off the ground. If not, throw it out. It aint the first time we've scrapped a bad idea and it won't be the last.

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You should be getting big pluses for this.... I don't get it

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Irony can be so ironic at times.....

Democrats are pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, now they are setting the grounds for infanticide but they don't want to give the people in between the two extreme's a chance to fight back????

Gee, I wonder who's next?

Ever wonder why it is that every country who has banned the right to bear arms all have mass grave sites????

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This is one situation where I doubt he'll blame Bush since he ran on a platform of higher energy prices.

If he were to blame Bush it would put the media is a sticky situation. If Obama played the OBB(again) card then the media would be between a rock and a hard spot. The media end their own free meal ticket by crucifying Obama or risk being hung up for their own crucifixion by defending Obama.

I kind of wish Obama would blame Bush on this. I wouldn't mind watching the MSM squirm and it would end the last dregs of respect that the public has for MSNBC. Speaking of the MS part of MSNBC --- how is it that Balmer still has a job? I mean ---- DANG just the iPhone part of Apple is bigger than the remains of the mangy remains of his company. And did anyone see Warren Buffett? Now he's playing the "let's blame everyone for my F*'ups" card.

Seems the party's over and everyone is looking for exits.

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For an example from two years ago

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more like how crooked can it get...

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All I heard was that Jay Carney was praising Jake Tapper for "the bravery of ... placing [himself] in extremely dangerous situations in order to bring the story of oppression and brutality to the world ... [he] think[s] that [it] is commendable."

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You forgot "lazy" and "worthless"

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I've got the solution! Seriously!

Anyone who is still honestly in the camp of global warming, CO2 apocalypse, energy is bad, everyone who still has Gore envy, and all the protesters of the XL pipeline --- they all need to put there money where their mouths are.

Starting now and until next spring they should all take a vow not to accept or consume products made, in any measure, with the assistance of crude oil. I'm telling ya, if these people can just be honest with them selves and the rest of humanity then this problem will simply and quickly resolve itself. It is clearly the simplest and most effective method.

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That really isn't good enough though.

Just like the liberal news, they control what the population thinks just as much by what they don't say just as much as by what they do.