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Holy cow! What a way to start the new year! Glad to hear Brent is ok and will pray and continue to pray for all of you!

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Deployments are definitely hard on the family. I can't speak from the family side, but I have deployed to various parts of the world for a total of about 2 years in the last 5 years. It's definitely a trying time on everyone, but we've always made it through. Will definitely be praying for you guys!

What part of Indiana are you going to? I have family in Decatur, up near Fort Wayne.

Who knows, by the time you guys make it to Washington, I may have found a way to migrate my family to the PNW as well, lol.

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Amazing as always, JW! Amazing couple...amazing shots...just...amazing! This shoot just oozes love, their love for each other, your love for your art and for them. Great stuff!

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Lol! Whoopee...nice.

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Kindergarten. Alana. She lived a couple blocks the other direction from the school from my house. I asked if I could walk her home from school (I don't even know why. We were in Kindergarten, lol). I carried her books. I helped her cross the intersection with the stop light. (One of the few in town.) Only after safely returning her to her abode did I realize that I was afraid to cross BACK through that intersection alone (What?! #FAIL) I had to have her mother call my mom to come get me. Something went well because I continued to walk her home (and have my mother called to get me) long after that first incident.

We moved from KY to FL after first grade and I lost contact after that (duh. first grade?)

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I would be but I only made it to like 25 on that one, lol.

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I'm in as always!

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me too...

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Love the new site! Well done, JW.

Right now, my favorite song is probably anything off Dave Matthews Band's new CD. Great stuff!

My drink of choice coffee wise is a Grande 2 Raw Sugar Vanilla Breve Latte. Love it!

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Good thoughts. What about this...is it ok for an overweight pastor to pass judgement on a homosexual worship leader? Is gluttony ok but same sex marriage not?