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I can see nothing that makes me think of Batman in the art. Sorry ^^; Atleast we get another NN cover, though I'd rather see normal Luna more offten

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Another Applejack mini and I'm hoping the brushable AJ is like Rara. :)
But....Adigo mini figure?! YESSSSS! <333333 If Aria and Sonata get made, I'll be happy <3 Sunset is already listed so the only thing that'd make it better would be Lyra and Bonbon, and maybe a nice Luna :D

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O___O OMG Rara?! I can not beleive Hasbro made her, and a brushable even! I don't even care the weird paint, no cutie pox and it's actually Rara! <3333 I will buy 3 :P

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No Applejack? Clearly Mcdonlds doesn't want bronies money. Only little kids who -apprently- don't like Applejack. Where did they even get that from? Two kids or something? :S
Atleast Starlight and Coco's figures look nice. I'll defnitely get a few of those two, maybe pick up a few others ^^; Honestly don't want RD or Suri though...
The season 5 opener "mane 4" would of been much cuter a choice ;w; Any of them, really.

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Glad to see, but my Targets/Walmarts don't have them yet at all. :<

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Shame she doesn't have normal wings, she would make an adoreable filly Tia otherwise

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Still hoping for the pop Sunset :/ I'll gladly pick up a Starlight Glimmer, however.

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Any official news/art is good. Just glad to see it at all xD
I'd enjoy seeing more of Couldsdale either way, as we rarely see it at all :S

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For once we get non Hasbro or Funko mini figures! :D
I will hopefully be able to get AJ and Trixie. (Yay more Trixie!!) And grab the box, cause Applejack :P My Gamestop probabl won't care that much if I'm feeling every bag xD

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#1 is jsut perfect XD <3 Poor "Muffins" is living up to her new name...
Everything here simply amazes me, hope the tallent keeps up! :D