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If you're terrified of White Diamond, clap your hands …

*nervous clapping*

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"I am also not ready for Ruby’s episode. I assume it’s next, and I AM FRIGHTENED."

Fixed that for you, Mark. Sapphire's episode was yesterday, remember? =P

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Grabbed one of each -- thank you!

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Steven Universe 5x18:

For those of you that want to get to the revelation. =P


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Links seem to be broken; tried the archive hosted on Buzznet and those links are broken too. Anyone know what's up?

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Congrats! ^^

(This means the Mark Reads reads Mark thing will need to get organized soon, y/y?)

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Going by the translator theory, considering that Holly Blue's been on the station for presumably thousands of years, she probably hasn't seen a need to turn on her translator since being placed there. Homeworld does look down on humans as inferior, and she doesn't interact with the humans in the zoo (presumably), so she figures, 'no need'.

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I don't have much to say right now, so here are my hopes for Season 4. I'm all caught up, so anything that touches onto the episodes that Mark hasn't gotten to, I'll rot13.

1. Big arc of this season: Steven learns as much about the Rebellion as he can (possibly giving us a timeline too, so we can figure out if Bismuth was bubbled before or after Pink Diamond's death).
2. As a consequence, Steven will learn more about Rose's personality and history, both the good and the bad, and will have to make his own conclusions of her, away from the bias of the Gems.
3. Both of these will mean we get flashback episodes of some kind.
4. As a result, Steven will have to reconcile both what he knows about the war and his mother with his own views, and possibly restructure his morality a bit (but hopefully without his personality and gentleness being changed too much).
5. Once he's finished this, he can make some real good progress on helping the corrupted Gems, along with being able to help Bismuth.
6. Of the corrupted Gems, the Centipeedles will be the first to be fully healed, and they'll join the Crystal Gems.
7. Non-plot stuff: Steven will be able to connect with the other Gems and form fusions with at least one of them (Pearl, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot, Lapis; I'm okay with any of them, but I'm betting on Pearl or Garnet).
8. Steven will start looking his age as a result of all of this.
9. We're not ready. (Then again, are we ever?)

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Popping in quickly before I go to work, mostly to share a video that is now spoiler-free and Safe For Mark!

Images in this video – an unofficial, fan-made trailer for Steven Universe in anticipation of Steven Bomb 3 (aka the next 5 episodes) – are taken from episodes up until ‘Chille Tid’. Rated F for Feels. =P

(Backup link in case the embedding doesn’t work (though I sincerely hope it does):

EDIT: And I can't get the embedding to work. Oh well.