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He may not be that useful as a pilot, but he's probably the most valuable off-screen. He built the Blue Marine, repairs the Arwings and Landmasters so you can use hem to begin with, and tells you how strong the opponent is.
And Falco gives you shortcuts all of once because 'Screw you, I'm going this way.' All the other alternate paths have nothing to do with him. Plus he's a major dick, although that got toned down in the more recent games. And the rewards for saving teammates are given by everybody, not just Falco.
Sure Slippy had that one time where he got knocked to the surface, but at least he's worth getting back. Falco's an alright pilot, but nowhere near as good as that ego and condescending tone would make you think.

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I swear, I'll never understand the Slippy hate. He always seemed like the most useful of them, just not as a pilot. I mean, he helped more then, say, Falco ever did.

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Maybe I'm just out of date with my vocabulary, but what does 'spawn' have to do with frogs? Couldn't that apply to just about anything?

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Well, we never know. EXE might turn out to be a color change, or in a later game he might get in himself.

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Honestly, I've never really been a big fan of Megaman (Tried some of them, sucked at all of them) but from those theme remixes alone I can tell I'm gonna love this guy.
I was skeptical about the villager until I saw him swipe Samus' laser and put it in his pocket. And then he became he biggest badass that ever was.
I...really don't have an opinion on Ms. Fit, but I'm not about to turn down a new addition to one of my favorite franchises.
Now all that's left is to see who else gets added to the roster.

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Well, to be honest, it's less about 'Look at all the fun I'm having' and more about 'I didn't abandon you guys. On purpose, anyway.' This place has a lot of good tings inside, and it would be a crime to just leave.

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I see I haven't missed much in my 3 week absence. Or more. I've even lost track.
But I have a reason! It's been a good couple months since I got a new game, so I got 3: Vanquish, Metal Gear Hack-n'-Slash, and Bioshock Infinite.
Oh God the good times.
I can still feel the rush of powderizing cyborgs.
Edit: And apparently I'm still 3 hours further into the future than I knew.
Good. That's still there. It's comforting in some strange way.

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Edit: WHY DO I KEEP GETTING SHOT INTO THE FUTURE. I wrote this comment 20 minutes ago, not 3 hours!

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Wait, wasn't the show a little bit AFTER the pot craze? I mean, they dress weird enough that they could pass for the sixties if they wanted to, but still.