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I think he has jumped before he was pushed.

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Good idea .

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How many countries send aid? quite a few so that is a lorra lorra money perhaps we could be "enlightened" as to what is happening to it all. I wouldn't worry about it there is not a Politician anywhere has the guts to even say they will give less

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Mr Hughes has to much time on his hands. London is still England's Capitol and thoughts time and money should be spent getting an English Parliament set up.

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The hatred for England and the English from Ex Tory Agent is quite well ,racist poor beast go and lick your wounds .And remember "To be an Englishman you have drawn first prize in the lottery of life"

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Cant beat a bit of passion , I agree with you .

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The concept of England made redundant!! now where have i heard that before?Oh yes the Assemblies given a big thumbs down by the people of the North East of England.

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What democracy?

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Why are the MPs so cross and upset about Scotland wanting to leave the "UK"it is time England left the UK and the English can start calling themselves English instead of British. FREEDOM!!

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"Going down in the polls"should have got us out before calling an Election "you can fool some of the people ,etc.