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Other than the temporary boost for construction companies, what are the financial benefits from HS2 now we have proven that business can be conducted perfectly well via the internet? Wouldn't the money be better spent on improving broadband services?

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Why Manchester, a city that sees fit to elect a mayor whose sole agenda seems to be to publically rail against the party the country as a whole choose to form the government? There are other places outside of London!

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Therein lies the problem with allowing people to stand as supposed "independents", you don't actually know what they stand for until it's too late.

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Perhaps there wouldn't have been if the losers had accepted the situation instead of spending 4 and a bit years creating barriers to the implementation of something they didn't like. It is abundantly clear where any blame lies!

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Well back in the utopian times when the country was great the sun used to shine continuously during the summer and it snowed every xmas! And Labour was never involved in government, that cannot be mere coincidence.

P.S. I'm pretty sure that the grouse moors were midge free too.

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Most young people won't have fully formed any political affiliations at the age they would enter university, Blair was motivated by the opportunity to indoctrinate the young with his deluded socialist ideas whilst they are in the insular environs of a university.

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Presumably if HS2 isn't cancelled asap then monies that could have been spent on local transport infrastructure will instead be spent on trying to persuade the business community that the 20 minutes they can save travelling on a train is a better option than video conferencing instead.

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So are you now suggesting that we should deny anything done by Cameron and Osborne as being our responsibility? I suppose that does have its merits as they did seem unduly influenced by the power crazed Liberals. Maybe we should revisit all legislation passed during the period with a view to repealing all that we now realise doesn't fit with a true Conservative agenda.

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The problems confronting the NHS is abundantly clear, the frontline staff are heroes, the management are dominated by the kind of self important left wing jobsworths so beloved of Labour administrations.

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But the Labour manifesto wanted to time travel back to the 1970s and then relocate us to the Soviet Union so is anyone who voted for that really of sound mind?