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The whole flap over this movie has highlighted my personal grievance with Hollywood.... my 11yr. old saw the trailer for the movie and noted that there were no men dressed as women, and the women didn't look mean or angry..... All classic roles for people of color.
I am not a constantly angry black woman nor do my brothers and cousins dress in drag, in fact we were raised suburban middle class, we all have,at least,some post secondary education under our belts.
I say those things to say this: Hollywood, if you wish to receive any more of my hard earned dollars....then more of your stars and more of your stories need to reflect me!

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Freedom of speech/expression DOES NOT equal freedom from consequence!! And as for their first amendment rights...."Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Nope don't see anything in there saying that one is protected from social stigma as a result of their "free speech" GTFOHWBS! There is always a price to be paid....

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My soul has vacated my body!!!

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This is one of the " hidden racism" issues my husband points out... In reality this broad is mad because the "standard of beauty" is noticeably beginning to shift away from stick thin,blonde,european towards thick,curvy more "ethnic" proportions. This girl needs to have a seat and a cheeseburger. Girl, you're mad because you're hungry... Don't hate appreciate!

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The Video is GONE!!!! I wanted to see it :(

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Yay!!! I have an adult birthday buddy!! Virgos Rule!!
Oh... and the shenanigans will abound.

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This is a "ripped straight from the headlines" episode of Law & Order... C.S.I. waiting to happen

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*thug sniffle* This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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So I am wondering if this question should be posed here or to Ms.Manners or Emily Post or some shyt..... Fucket ,I'll leave this here....
Is it proper social for the recipient of the above letter to respond with this?
"Dear Pissed,
I am sorry you feel that way, but as you pointed out my child was born this way. Your child on the other hand is doing everything in their power to cause themselves some sort of brain damage from all of the substances I have seen them under the influence of, or from the wildy careening vehicles they pilot around under the influence.
So from one mother to another, When the time comes,I am here for you. I have a resource guide listing the doctors,respite care,physical therapists, and realtors that have listings in the best family oriented neighborhoods.
Have a nice day!

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FVCK FAIR!!! We ALLLLL know life isn't fair,and this broad is perpetuating all this mediocrity and idiocracy that has been shoved down our throats in the name of self esteem and "fairness". She is failing.... Failing as an educator( cuz librarians are kinda teachers you dig!), as a human being.
I tell my kids, if you didn't win,work harder. None of that participation trophy bs. The fact remains that the librarian sounds mad cuz her kid( grandkid, family member) lost and wants to hate on the winners.... Lady have a seat and try working out other reading programs during the year. Oh- and stop bein a hatin azz bytch.