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Clearly this family was just flaunting its disregard for the latest addition to the California Penal Code:
Section 504.7d(d)(iv): Proprietorshipping While Not-White

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irrelevant AM radio host with cratering ratings talking about irrelevant WI governor with cratering poll numbers.
I sense a pattern.

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what the fuck is it with these people? Does Santorum just automatically think of the sex whenever he hears that two people love each other? Seriously, I want to ask this fucker "do you love your mom?" "do you love your wife in any other way than with your (pathetic, I'm sure) dick in her vagina?"

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Dog I hate that effing bitch; Both Gitmo and Hell are too good for her and for Cotton.

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instead of carrot juice and melon, I'll think I'll start early on the juniper juice and lime.

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Good conservative family values &c.

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Don't even get Rep. Courser going on the finer nuances of duck duck goose.

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if legislatin' shitmuffinin' doesn't work out for him, there's always working as the screen at the local drive-in.

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This idiot is clearly begging, nay daring, his party's leadership to put him on a seriously bullshit committee. Being Michigan, I'm thinking the House Committee on Naming Things after Michael Moore.

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Not that I want to admit clicking on the link, but the story is actually at the Daily Beast, not Tucker Carlson's Masturbatorium.