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Anyone who claims they shouldn't be questioned should probably be questioned in great detail, much like our esteemed government.

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He must be referring to the thousands of Amish that are deeply dependent on government handouts.

Ummm... never mind.

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"we'd like the bring them all into line"

Howzabout letting consumers bring the companies into line?

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So are you saying that successful people can become "social degenerates" and those same "social degenerates" can become successful people? I'm not following your logic here.

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I guess I'll have to disable the AdBlock for this website. Apparently I'm missing some enjoyable ads.

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Even peskier is the increasing tax burden on the remaining population. Apparently though Mr. Flavo enjoys paying more and more in taxes and is content to continue funding government "services".

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I enjoy the video of Mr. Sedaka not playing the piano.

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"House Dems come up with new tax proposal..."

A stunning development indeed.

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That's because we don't have any dimes left. Just some nickels, pennies, half a pack of matches, and this blasted Canadian quarter I can't give away.

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Yes, I understand that, so I'll try to clarify my point. I need it proven that a locally-focused tax structure works before I can get behind any reorganization that could potentially move the center of that local focus farther away. Eliminating local bureaucracies and the possible waste that goes along with it is something worth considering, but with the current bass-ackwards tax structure it kinda feels like a carrot-and-stick scheme. Prove to me that the money can be kept in my community, then we'll talk about the size and shape of that community.