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I'd like to see signs at every station, bus stop and train platform stating something to the effect of "90% of this service for you brought to you by someone else."

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At least the foundation was actually doing something to earn money, rather than just getting 10 mil on the backs of the state citizens. I know, I know. Strange concept nowadays, this actually earning money thing.

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Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

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9 casinos pay more taxes than all 260 in NV. Great PR for the state. Signals great things for business in PA.

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A fool and his money are soon parted. Words never truer in this state.

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Same old story as always. Just kick the can down the street.

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Well, we should stop to think about all the additional benefits this action brings to these wonderful examples of American citizens. First of all, his job was taken from him so he is now eligible for unemployment benefits. Second, he is now getting free housing and is able to realize the ultimate American dream of free health care (at least free for him). I could go on and on.......

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I've all but given up trying to figure out how they fund the districts. I did find this state site on funding, it includes a massive spreadsheet requiring much more time than my patience will allow to decipher. I'm sure that's part of the plan. Make it as complex as possible and nobody will feel like figuring out what was done. Plus, it probably keeps many people in gov't employed just to dream up this crap.

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Interesting how the two districts in this article stated that they would be ok if the funding fell through. Wilkes Barre said they would be fine with the cuts. If they get the funding then they will spend it. Pittston would have to count their pennies?

Makes me wonder why they are getting the money in the first place. Sounds like they will be just fine with out it. But hey, if they get it then great, they will spend it. Some sort of twisted stimulus program I guess.

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Ed Spendell wants us to be first in the nation. Looks like he finally got his wish.