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9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - MLP Monopoly Junior on... · 0 replies · +5 points

Back in MY day, us kids had to learn how to play adult Monopoly just like everyone else!

We also all learned never to play Monopoly ever again after the first time we played it.

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You speak as if it hasn't already happened...

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Comic: Hermit Nerd / R... · 1 reply · +6 points

#1 Art style is fantastic! Those faces make me D'aww! Plus Twilight is best Book Princess.

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Grand Brony Gala annou... · 0 replies · +5 points

Hey, I'm a Southern-ish Brony!

Oh, Florida, too Southern for my blood...

Why can't they do more conventions in Kentucky or Tennessee???

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Nightly Roundup #977 · 1 reply · +1 points

Part time manager at my local GameStop. My coworkers hate MLP, but I get customers all the time who are Bronies, and we gang up on them.

Best story was when a little girl, 6 or 7 years old, with her mom walked up to me, and the little girl said, "Why do you have My Little Pony stuff?" And I replied, "Because My Little Pony is cool!"

She just scoffed and said, "No it's not, ponies are stupid." I had to laugh at that, it made my day.

Surely you have at least one other Brony where you work/learn, right?!

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Nightly Roundup #977 · 0 replies · +1 points

Microsoft finally bringing their A-game will be refreshing. Phil Spencer is really righting the ship there, and their E3 is primed to be the best in several years.

Sony has been surprisingly tight lipped about their plans. Hopefully they show off more practical footage of Project Morpheus and announced a few good exclusives on the way for Vita and PS4

Nintendo really needs to show why people need to buy a Wii U (for the third year now...), Zelda is almost guaranteed at this point, but maybe they will show off a new Metroid or the new mystery IP that Miamoto has been working on. Also, a 90 minute presentation focused on a single 3DS game? Sounds promising, and probably the most intriguing of all the conferences.

Third party studio wish list? First and foremost, Fallout 4 announcement! It would make my year to see some visible proof that Fallout is alive and well. Battlefront 3 gameplay would be nice as well, along with some Destiny Collectors Edition announcements.

Being a GameStop employee, I'm lucky to have some insider knowledge close to E3 time, however tiny it may be. Here's hoping this year is the best yet!

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Nightly Roundup #977 · 3 replies · +2 points

At least your city has meetups! My entire state has been barren of meetups!

Luckily, I discover lots of Bronies from my work since I wear a Derpy lanyard with my name tag ^_^

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Pegasisters Live Websi... · 0 replies · +40 points

Yay Pegasisters!

Don't much care for that word, but I'm all for the female side getting more visibility within our fandom! Here's for many more successful years for PSL!

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Story: Today is a Good... · 1 reply · +3 points

Maybe some people just REALLY dislike Celestia...

9 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Story: Today is a Good... · 0 replies · +5 points

That Calpain dude didn't write that, the author did.

Nothing in the fanfic posts are by the poster except for pre reader quotes.