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Yes, yes, the game is going to be awesome, blah, blah, blah. However, I think it's great that the developers know what they're doing in terms of marketing their game. They got the buzz early for their game, great. The difference is, they're keeping it going in a timely fashion, which is something I have never seen a game developer do-on the Wii atleast. Most games get initial buzz, then fall of the radar. Then they show up in some obscure place, like some rating board or something. Kudos to High Voltage Studios to keeping the interest alive the right way.

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I've kinda been interested in this game ever since I first read about it, erm, how long ago? However, there's one thing I want to mention. Some people seem to be pegging this game as a multiplayer one simply because they changed the two player co-op to up to four players. Am I alone when I think a game that seems to require so much concentration, focus, and effort is more single-player focussed? This is a a [i]physics[/i] game, where you have to place and orient blobs of goo to get you through the level, more or less. I for one see this to be a single player game; primarily at least. However, I can totally see [i]co-op[/i] play being cool, as the developers have implemented it. Like helping each other out to reach the goal? Pretty cool, I'd think. My only point was it's really not a multiplayer game, but a co-op game, and I felt the need to highlight that difference.

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If that really is true, I think I'd rather use that mana to exemplify the James half of your being. :P Just saying.

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If Red Steel 2 is really going to be using Wii Motion Plus, I have a little hole to poke in this story. We just read recently that Wii Motion Plus wasn't revealed even to developers until E3 2008. Red Steel 2 has apparently been in development for "many months now". Anyone see the problem? If they really hadn't known about this, and they just found out about Plus now, I really doubt he'd be announcing that they were using it already. Maybe they did know about it. But the developers of Red Steel of all people to reveal something that they didn't to anyone else...Nintendo, you baffle me.

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To be quite honest, who cares? These things happen everyday with companies the size of Nintendo. NEXT!

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About. Freakin'. Time.

Even though I think E3 was a major letdown for us hardcore gamers, I also realize Nintendo's standpoint, and see why they stayed more casual-friendly at E3.

Think of it this way. We hardcore gamers love to hear rumours on the net, research them, and then anticipate the hype, and then have a collective explosion of excitement when it really is announced, and we're given a release date. The thing is, the casuals don't appreciate any of that. They want to know about it clearly, with no fuss involved. That's why Nintendo used E3, which is a more direct way to get their casual gaming news to the main stream.

It's not that Nintendo is changing it's approach as a company, it's just that their approach to marketing to the different markets they serve. This is what I truly believe, and I also believe Nintendo will deliver in this regard. If there's one thing that I trust about Nintendo, it's their marketing prowess.

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What he's trying to say is akin to saying playing basketball gets you more in shape than going to the gym on a regular basis. It certainly CAN, but it all depends on the intended usage. Most people don't factor in playing basketball as a regular workout tool, but it definitely gets them breathing a little harder. Wii Fit is intended as a workout tool designed to push your body and get it in shape, whereas Wii Sports is intended as a game to play with friends and family, and just have fun. Certainly, I can lose weight just playing basketball for hours a day, but going to the gym and working out is the way that is most common to attain that specific goal of toning your body.

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I've said this once before, and I'll expand on it now. Nintendo, like they did last year, likes to announce their major things AFTER the conference itself. I really doubt this was just to tide over the fans from a disappointing E3. I honestly believe it was all orchestrated. I'm new to Pikmin, but I'll definitely be looking into it.

Animal Crossing, Pikmin, voice chat, hints of a new Zelda game, a new Mario game, and Kid Icarus...maybe E3 wasn't as bad as we thought, everyone.

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The game may be called "City Folk", but from what we've seen so far, (which, granted isn't much) it doesn't look like the aesthetic of the game has been altered to fit into that urban style. I really think it's necessary. In either case, I'm pumped. I love these cartoony hicks no matter what.

The new features look sweet, and I hope Nintendo doesn't make the online system as restrictive as the DS game. Visiting other towns over Wi-Fi was the best part of the game, but very inaccessible due the Friend Code system. A simple solution would be to have a permissions feature. If someone wants to enter your town, (and all they need is say, a username to find you. Or even the town name) it asks the concerned town resident whether or not they want to allow this, and away they go. Voice chat will only be enabled with added friends by default, and by mutual consent in the other method. Just an idea.

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Nintendo at E3 2008=Phail. No other eloquent way to put it. However, one thing we aren't remembering is that many things, and quite often big "things" get announced AFTER the actual conference. I mean in terms of post-conference press releases and such. Maybe we should just wait a little bit, and then call it an EPIC PHAIL.