Tangled sin tax

Tangled sin tax


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Yeah, my daughter should have just stayed with her depressed, drunken, violent husband instead of kicking him to the curb and ending up on food stamps for her 3 kids. She's just such a lazy dependent.

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Every NCO club in Vietnam had a touring Filipino band covering CCR. Seems I remember Proud Mary the most. One of my favorite memories in the vein of "Drive On" was the day we had one of those bands at a company party, and they kept playing - strippers and all - when we took a couple of rockets and we GI's all put our helmets on. Don't think anybody went to the bunkers, though. Entertainment was hard to come by.

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The other day I was playing some 60's and early 70's songs for my 31 year old daughter, just to make sure her education was complete. When I got to Fortunate Son and started "singing" It Ain't Me, she said she always thought it was just a happy song about "Jeremy! Jeremy!"

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Yeah, my wife gave our daughters unisex toys, I tried assembly or electronics toys. No go. Both daughters went for the pink ponies and Princesses of Power. Once grown up, one is the quintessential mother-of-3-kids-a-dog-and-a-cat and the other one is VP of an international commercial insurance company.

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Just another way of getting people into Science.

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(slobber, slobber, drool)..."propinquity" - Pat Robertson


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"Must you, Bronco Billy?" is my wife's favorite line from the movies.

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I used to work with a Scot who could have stepped out of the Wayback machine. He would have fit in better as a 15th century border reiver than as a tech worker. I loved seeing the steam come out of his ears when I'd quote Johnson at him "Much may be made of a Scotsman if he be caught young".

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We live on Dewey Ave, so of course our Wi-Fi network is named in honor of the old Boston firm Dewey, Cheatham and Howe

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Well, "Boise Brain" is a pretty original way of calling Dok a 'taterhead.