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Lame. Should've gone with "Holey" Matrimony.

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That's...not really an explainiation as to why the ratings are down. Just more of a dismissal of the ratings altogether.

He has a point though. The ratings don't really matter as long as Hasbro sells MLP toys. As long as sales are rising, the show will keep going. That's what fans should really be watching.

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Thanks guys!

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Thanks for the post guys!

Also, just a heads up, the soundcloud on the bottom is not ours. Just wanted to make sure that person got the proper credit for their work!

-Greg from Hoof Hearted

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Thanks for the post guys! Loving the site!

-Gregdawg of Hoof Hearted

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"Midnight Sparkle"

Well. That's going to be interesting.

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Golden Gates is best con pony.

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Buying Yahtzee is pretty silly when you think about it. All it consists of is 5 dice, a cup, a flat surface, and some paper. You can pretty much find everything but the dice around your house (or in the case of the score cards, print them), and buying the dice at a game store won't cost more than 2-3 dollars.

But hey, if it sells, it sells.

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So season it about ponies?

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Seriously, he looks terrifying. And apparently he's super ripped.