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I'm going there, it'll be my second time at that con, and my third time as a vendor! :D

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I cant quite tell from your comment if you think this picture is mine, or if you're doing a pseudo "Kanye West: Imma let you finish..." thing XD

But either way thank you for the compliment! Though the artist of this (Draco Jay) is a friend of mine, and I think his Evil Twilight is better than my two pictures.

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Yeah, I really wish they would have a stronger presence online. If I didn't already know about them from the past two years I would have no idea they were doing anything this year.

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Hmm I wonder what Brookshire Brothers in Texas that is, I live in Texas and go to my local Brookshire bros. all the time and see these cookies every time I go in there. Maybe Sparky Fox and I are neighbors.

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You sir have offended my honor!
*slaps you with a glove*

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This was really great, but it was a lot better after I followed the link to the original 'Muffins' video then came back and watched it again.
I was confused by Pinkie's accent at first, I had thought that maybe the voice actress had a touch of rhotacism, but after reading the VA's comment on youtube I understood that it was a purposeful decision.

I wasn't bothered by any alleged "unbearable quality", it reminded me of the earlier 'epic cupcake time' days of the fandom.
I guess I don't need everything I watch to be tip-top animation to be able to enjoy it.

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Yes, but it is also a play on words:D

Because Trixie has a crush on Blueblood so she tries to kill Rarity(no actual crushing involved).

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#7 Thank you :D!

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Thanks :D!