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Who is Bill Press? Where did the left dig him up? Please Bill say nothing about Andrew Breitbart. As Andrew would say, "Tell me one lie."

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Excellent post. I am not an atheist, but a fetus is alive and that is the point. An abortion is a pemanent solution to a temporary problem. It is allowed by law. Politician get too involved in this discussion. It is already settled by law so what is to discuss?

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Brenda, thanks for the post. It is so telling. This is a political solution that the democrats have created with their agenda. I am surprised the Catholic Church is fighting back, they usually support Democrats- to a fault. This entire Contraception Mandate is sweeping the main stream media. The democrats are using it effectively against Republicans.

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These people make my heart ache. Andrew is gone and they pounce with all of the viciousness of a rabid dog. Andrew's memory is made of stronger stuff than this.

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Limpy, another fool.

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Beautiful girl, beautiful video, she expresses everyone thoughts and tears so well.

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The most fearless person....If Breitbart would have stayed with the left ideologes, they would be touting him as a 'great intellectual'. He found the left wanting in truth. When he tested the left, he became aware of their duplicitous agenda. That was his start, we cannot allow his work to end with his passing.

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Another fool....making foolish remarks, Global,

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A terrible loss to the USA. A young man taken down in his prime. Condolenses to his family. The good die young.

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Anexio, The Fool.