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Haven't bought Ben and Jerry's in many years. Never will again.

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Remember Peggy Joseph? That explains a whole lot.

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Imagine if Palin or Bush had said this...

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Not only is Breitbart a racist, sexist and a homophobe, but he SENDS HIS KIDS TO SCHOOL WITH THEIR OWN LUNCHES!!

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Liberals really are disgusting mentally-disordered scum, aren't they?
We have yet to see a single Occupy accomplishment other than a rolling crime wave, filth, rambling nonsense, and the disgust of most everyone who is unfortunate enough to encounter them. They have not helped the community in any way. They do not get along well with anyone outside their movement, much less each other. They are destroying every place they are encamped. They do nothing positive for anyone.

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Kathleen Parker - SHE'S still around?

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@LivingBeyondTheMSM - best comment of the day! Every SINGLE thing associated with this presidency is a fraud, deception, or lie.

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Now we know how great Palin would have been. She's been on the money for years. Unlike President Algae.

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I can't wait to see Debbie Downer tell us about the wonders of algae...

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Best comment I've seen so far (on PJ Tatler):

The MSM can blast whatever lie they want about “the One” all day cause there is a campaign sign down every Main Street saying socialist policies just don’t work. The signs say:

$4.00/gal. Regular