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Another bonus is that hemp production which is currently impossible - again be feasible. See economic papers which evaluate the modern potential for commercial hemp production.

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If you decriminalize marijuana for the consumer but you keep in place a criminal infrastructure for production you have the worse of all worlds-- Unregulated access with a continued funding of a criminal enterprise. Our current prohibition is not a good situation either. Our national parks are being damaged - the illegal marijuana industry flourishes. Taxation and regulation (no matter what you call it) may very well be the best situation from a societal prospective. Please see

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I want to support the idea of bringing sincere individuals with different opinions together in dialog and prayer. I have not educated my self sufficiently to say anything intelligent about either of the religious gentleman discussed in Mr. Heyward's comment, however as a physician I have talked with individuals on both sides of the abortion issue. And I can honestly say that the sincere individuals on both sides of this issue share a common concern and in many cases they have a greater interest for others and for their neighbors than most people. For abortion, the decisions to support or not support comes down to whether they believe the embryo is a being or not. For LGBT issues the deciding factor is whether one believes that ones sexual orientation is a choice or not. My purpose here is to support t Mr. Heyward's suggestion to provide equally important roles to people on both sides of this issue. Having these individuals come together might go a long way to showing us all how to respectfully work with each other for the common good. Of course the two individuals must be willing to come together and to set this example of open dialog and respect for well considered and sincere opposing view points.

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Thank you for your extremely thoughtful response. I agree that the system is broken which is why I am devoting so much non-work time to this. And I agree we can find solutions. I currently think we need a totally free system for societal cost saving care - communicable disease, prenatal care and mental health. When we don't provide this care as a society we will spend more later either in multiple sick people (communicable disease), premature infants (prenatal care) and/or crime (mental health.) And I think that we as a society should ethically provide cost effective care free to all individuals who contribute to society or the betterment of themselves (students, workers, volunteers and care providers). I make this distinction because some human beings are in a downward spiral. I strongly believe that doing something constructive is important for everyone( if you pay people to stay in bed, their health starts to decline.) If people choose not to help themselves, many other people will resent paying taxes to pick up the pieces ( although as mentioned some things are stupid not to provide everyone even those who don't want it.) But then there is everyone else and I know that we can't possible give everyone everything they want. Nor is it fair to only allow the super rich to get these "enhanced services" especially since some middle class people who live frugally would rather buy insurance then spend money on other things. But it isn't fair to tax everyone for a level of care that many don't want no matter what or would not want if they or their families have to give up other things. Perhaps the solution is in the tax structure for this extra insurance Right now all this extra insurance is tax deducible by the company and tax free to the employee. There clearly should not be any tax benefit and it might even make sense to tax some insurance and services. . The problem is very much like that of schools. If all the rich take their kids out of public schools than who is left to advocate for good public schools. That said who decides. Should the committee that decides be bound to have only the basic insurance for them and their families. I think I would serve on a committee if I had to abide by the decision for myself. But I don't think it would be fair for me to make my family not have the same opportunities to extra insurance as everyone else. When I have ethical dilemmas I sometimes wish I could set down a group of ordinary citizens, explain all of the implications and see what they decide. So perhaps that is what we need - an advisory group that includes experts but also citizens from other areas to make the decisions on what gets provided and how much we pay for it. Hmm I wonder if that is what the Health care community meetings are about -

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Mike, My post is the one at During the I looked at your site was very impressed by your knowledge and identification of the problems that exist with both government and private insurance solutions. Who are the payers in your proposal? Ginny

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Thank you. I sent up my question under a new category- Health Care Policy. The question is now a stand alone post at:

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I loved your post and am trying to fuel a people economy instead of an oil economy. But I am fortunate that I live less than one mile from a supermarket and so going to the supermarket is a form of exercise for me. I have a cart if I really have to buy a lot but while my kids are at college I usually just carry what I need home (building stronger bones and better muscles.) I also now walk to a far bus stop and use heavy hands on the way. So instead of driving I am getting more valuable exercise. At the store I am trying to purchase more local products. Why eat oranges that are transported from South Africa? Unfortunately none of this is helping increase jobs (except perhaps for the bus driver) but I am trying to make use of as many services as possible . I eat out a lot (but bring my own reusable container for the left overs) and tip well. And of course my weekly yoga class improves my health, employs someone and doesn't hurt the environment. I think another people economy we can help fuel is more paraprofessionals to help the elderly and those who can not afford expensive health care. And we can have more urban produce production and helping on local farms to decrease dependence upon oil for our food production. It is just a matter of changing what we think is important.

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Participation in Internet based organizations can also help in the local community - http:// two that I have participated in both professionally and during my "free" time. During the health care discussion someone commented that they were physically disabled and unable to volunteer. It occurs to me that this individual was sitting at a computer and participating in a valuable community discussion. They are most likely capable of helping with web based public services. Perhaps they can become a certified content expert in their own or another disease and be available by Internet or voice over internet to telephones and cell phones.

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I have been active in the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society societies makes a very big difference in people's lives even for those who are not animal lovers. These programs get salvageable animals off of the street and therefore greatly lower the risk of rabies in a community. In addition they provide low cost healthy pets and veterinarian services to the community. My involvement has been through helping my daughter fostering animals when they are too young or too sick to be permanently adopted. Although "Foster parents" must be 21 or over, there are programs where older high school students can foster under the supervision of a parent. Like many other service projects I benefited greatly through a better relationship with my daughter and a better understanding, knowledge and appreciation of animals.

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Mike Slyder, I googled "contained capitalism " and went to you website. Your research on the problems with government and employer health care are excellent but what I can't figure out with your proposal is " who pays ?"Is it all fee for service and if so what happens if an individual can't pay. If it is sliding scale who decides and what happens if enough funds don't come in?Is there a tax? .