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Isn't that Opie??!!

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Nothing more than Community Organizing.....again! if this moron had a clue he would be more dangerous than he is now. Maxine 'Dirty' Waters - racist, Emanuel Cleaver - racist, Clyburn - out of touch racist...CBC - need i say it?... the list is so long. Yet no specifics on how to solve the problem. Let's be clear.....he is targeting segments of society, think wealth-producers who he demonizes and now black communities and let's not forget La Raza.

Where's the solution for ALL Americans..........what a dismal fraud he is. Come 2012, this loser can go back to Kenya and try and finish what his drunk OleMan couldn't, btw, take that worthless uncle of yours with, what a muddled gene pool that is!

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Why was this failure that is "Green Energy" trying to compete with the ChiComs? Even Jeffery"i got Obama jiz on my Chin" Immelt knows enough to get in bed with the ChiComs by out sourcing jobs to that Communist failure. All you Patriots know to follow the money.

2012 CANNOT come soon enough whereby every Marxist/Liberal/UnAmerican leftist will feel the full power and force of Real Americans..........Tea Party activism! i am truly ashamed to call this Kenyan my President!!

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Ain't enough bleach to clean these scum.......ring around the tub!!!

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i try not to get caught reading that drivel or visiting TrollSites, Mommy. i will work tirelessly to restore my good standing on this site, seems i have a lot of commenting to do!! Thanks for the look!

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some months ago some troll came in here and flooded the points system, (either from their minions or some concerted effort to make everyone here seem left). Cowboy Logic got caught in that scam too.....seems to me.

fear not dude, i'm on the right side!!!

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First off, what's with the different names for these liberals....they're married; Are they not? So, there's dishonesty right up front. Secondly, this Marxist lovin' hack is going up against a Marine? Good luck with that! Conflict of interest to a liberal just means there's another double standard in play.

Screw Islam
Stand with Israel
more importantly.....God Save America!

Ever forward patriots!

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<P id=SkyDrivePlaceholder> HM!!

i indeed mis-spoke, er...mis-typed, regarding rights given by God as opposed to them being granted by the government. i am a firm believer in the Founding and the American Experiment as clearly laid out in the American Constitution. But, an arguement can be made that since FDR government has been hell-bent on identifying rights related to education, housing, employment, health care and on and on.... The problem in our culture today is that far too many believe it is government's responsibility to provide the necessities of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Thanks for noticing!!

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While i agree that it's the States that should govern without Federal interference i could never support this so-called "business man". The MassPlan is failing and like all the other self-important politicians hasn't the courage to admit it was a bad idea and wrong for the state. Patriots, we can do better than this!!!

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I get into these same debates within my own community especially those bumpkins who scream about their 'rights'. My response, True .....government has given you rights which is precisely why they can take them away from you. This is the degree to which these imbeciles have forgotten our Founding. Everyone of you Patriots know that rights given from God can NEVER be taken away.

But, alas, these moochers of the taxpayers won't realize their greed untill there are no more taxpayers.