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I Concur with you Bruce, however the same must be said about Mensch staying in the position that the voters Re-elected him to just 6 months ago. Lets see now Bob has several years of seniority (although not much it is something)
a replacement would have no seniority. How can Mensch campaign and do his job in the House at the same time and expect to win? Moyer the Clear choice for a Republican Victory.

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Not Jay! But I am a long time republican from the district. Bob as Challenger?

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I had to come back as I just took a look at PAWatercooler, and alas the third candidate has appeared as predicted.
Former State Rep. Jay Moyer a well qualified and very competant candidate who was declared the winner in his last race for State Rep. only to be dissapointed when the Borough of Norristown (highly democratic) returned their final results and the Democratic candidate rode in on Obama's wave. There my friends is your horse. Lets ride it to vicory with one winnable special election with a Qualified Well Oiled Campaigner that knnows what it is like to knock on doors and make phone calls, and go to every event where there are potential voters. Check out his voting record he votes for what his constituent want, not for what is best himself, he brought a ton of money back to his district in the short amount of time he was in the house.

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Everyone keeps talking about Mensch and Castor, watch and learn boys. One special election for Senate that is and automatic as worderiling has resigned, so we have to run a good candidate to ward off the Democrats and there are hard working republicans out there that are tireless campainer's that don't have to give up a seat to get one. Castor made his own bed let him lie in it, he does not work well where he can't be the boss and in the Senate you need to work with a collective group. Now for the Mensch senerio: Mensch runs for Senate the Senate seat covers and area that is 72 miles in lenth he may win, however the climate is changing and it is a crapshoot, but if Mensch wins we now have to win a second election special election, but if they both stay where they are and the Repuclicans get a good candidate that can win the Senate seat in a special election and collectively stand behind one candidate we only have one special election and only spend half the a porition of the money to win the Senate. Watch for the third candidate!!

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Everybody keeps talking about Mensch and Castor as the Front runners, in the political arena "all that glitters is not gold" The real front runner may well be behind the scenes working out the deal while the "Front runners" are out shooting off.