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Is there a plan to eventually use the same comment system across DoDBuzz, DefenseTech & the News section? Or is the intent to use the current goat rope of three separate systems?

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The F-35 "gun problem" everyone keeps twisting their panties over primarily concerns the B & C variants, as their cannon are an external attachement

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Historically, tethered military observation balloons would be Civil War tech

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The "universal desert beige" color appears to be dirt.

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Yeah, maybe in like 1980 an ~16% failure rate would seem not completely terrible. But, in 2015, not so much.

Whole article makes me think it was done very early after info of the strike was released, and set to publish automatically today. Long before word came out about the four missiles going down well short.

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The M113 is the older vehicle, it preceded the M114 in service,
The M114 was intended to replace the Jeeps used in Armored & Armored Infantry Battalion Scout Platoons, and the Jeeps used in Armored Cavalry Platoons.
They saw service throughout the US Army past 1973, but only saw use in Vietnam from '62 to '64 when replaced by the M113 ACAV variant.

FMC, maked of the M113 would go on to develop the Lynx (M113½ Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle) on their own dime, which the Canadians and a few other countries selected a few years after the M114 was introduced. Basically a reduces size M113, using many of the same components.

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The M114 was not a command variant of the M113, it was a completely different significantly smaller vehicle

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No General Officers are certified to grade patrols in Ranger School. By regulation only certified Ranger School personnel can grade patrols.
There is no such thing as APL patrols in Ranger School.
Why must you result to lies?

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I had a Chinook pilot in my platoon in Ranger School, Had a few helicopter pilots go through while I was an RI,
Perchance you are the reason you haven't gone to Ranger School.

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NOAA has used both the ScanEagle and RQ-20
USCG has evaluated a number of tier I UAV in operational test, along with operating ScanEagle. And, joint operation of R/MQ-1 & 9 with CBP