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That’s bullshit:(

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My best friend is just suggesting that I suck up to DCF and the social worker over the fact that they’re doing in person visits for foster kids. The SW had the temerity to compare it to sending 3yo to daycare even though, unlike her, they all wear masks properly. Not what I need right now. Also, biomom is now calling me “the woman who takes care of” 3yo instead of pre-adoptive parent now. It just feels like I can’t rely on anything or anyone. Nobody outside my marriage has any fucking idea of what we deal with. I guess I’m just having major depression feels over all this shit happening at once and while the pandemic is still shaping everything. Father in law said his girlfriend isn’t comfortable around 7yo and he can’t watch her and whatever but what use are they? It didn’t dawn on him that if he doesn’t have the energy to watch her for even a day that maybe living with it is a thousand times harder when you get no breaks or support.

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Our carer for TH gave 3 weeks notice today.
DCF is planning an in person visit for 3yo despite the fucking nightmare state of infection rates in the state and that you can’t reasonably have an outdoor visit in December with a toddler. Add to that the SW not properly masking and 3yo returning from last in person with no mask on.
Father in law got butthurt that we didn’t agree to him stopping by at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day. I prodded husband to email FIL an abridged list of how much BS we deal with consistently and with no help. I haven’t forgiven FIL for not helping us by watching 7yo for one night, when we asked and giving no reason.
3yo was home all last week until we could get a negative PCR documented while we were both trying to work.
So yea. Incomplete list of shit about to break me.

We’ve been watching an old British show on YouTube called Time Team. It’s hosted by Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Black Adder) and archaeologists, historians, dendrochonologists have 3 days to do an excavation and try to answer a question. It’s low stakes and the recurring specialists are pretty neat.

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Metal cover of WAP https://youtu.be/kHKQC-k3hXU

I love this dude so if you dig or appreciate metal check out Leo Moracchioli.

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3yo sent home for coughing after nap so now we keep him home and get him a Covid test before sending him back. Of course he’s coughed Exactly once since I picked him up.

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I decided that if Biden wins, I’m going to order some fucking enormous Biden/Kamala flags and then on Inauguration Day rent a pick up and strap on some flag poles and drive around the small towns where I’ve seen fucking Trump shitbiscuits doing the same.

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Belated Happy Birthday!!!

<img src="&ldquo " target="_blank">;https://media.giphy.com/media/cPBWj0vHKJoHZK6XF3/giphy.gif”">

Think my gifs are failing me but anyway....happiest of birthdays.

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OMG Lee! Get well. Can I send or bring anything?

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True story