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If both polls were to warm up by the 2 degrees they are predicting, the temparature would still be -78 degrees. Does anyone really believe that would melt any significant ice? If so I suspect they are so easily brain washed that we should start our own subliminal brainwashing. We could easily turn them around with a soft message that incourages them not to throw good money away on this farce.

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You could live in Washington State where they raised the state sales tax f rom 8.9 to 9.3% of every sale. Fire them all including the tax and spend governors.

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How much is this going to cost us?We need to fire these insane people making these laws this next time around and continue to do so until all of them are gone. This is just the light bulbs, wait until they get you on the cars. How many of you want to ride around in a golf cart with semi trucks on the road? There have been seven deaths on the road I live on in the last year. All of which involved a teen age driver, a small car and a semi truck.

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Florescent Light Bulbs.

Not much is being noted about the law congress passed requiring you and me to start using these lightbulbs by 2010 in order to save our planet.

Are you aware?
That they don't fit in your current light fixtures, so you will also be required to replace the fixture or live with a bare bulb hanging out of your ceiling.
That they have mercury in them and require careful disposal, which most likely won't happen so our dumps will soon become contaminated with mercury and as a result so will our water.
That if you break one in your home there is a special way to dispose of them and clean them up, which requires you to get all your pets and children out of the home for at least 15 minutes until it is completely cleaned up. Not sure if you have call hazmat and wait for them to come clean it up or not, but I am pretty sure that would be the case if it happened in the workplace.

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Lisa you don't need money to call liberal talk shows and challenge them respectuflly, or to write opinions and send them to your local news outlets (don't be disturbed that they seldom post them). Most of the news outlets are in bed with the liberals. Find sites like the Seattle PI and Seattle Times and counter the spewed nonscense you will find there. The key is to remain civil while they call you names. Just remember they lost the debate the minute they slipped into name calling mode.

I am sorry you are suffering a disability. I hope that you find that you can work from home on these campaigns simply by making your point of view known. Write to others as well letting them know how you feel, and take online polls especially on the liberal in bed with Obama MSNBC sites.

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I want all those in congress and the senate drug tested. Since the majority of them are older than I am, I suspect none of them would pass. Nancy Pelosi is 5 years older than I am. I now understand why she can't remember being briefed on Enhanced Interrogation Methods. She was probably asleep during the briefing. I suspect that these folks should all be retired and soon. I am more than a little sure that the majority of them are no longer able to perform their jobs, and perhaps since so few show up to their meetings, maybe it is due to the fact that they are not able to get up and going anymore. ____

They say the Republican party is all old white men, well I say both parties are mostly too old to be kept employed. They are no longer doing their jobs.

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Organize by state, then by major cities. In order to get together to do something that will really count, the membership here needs to be organized first by the states they live in, and then by major cities where groups can be formed and grow. That would be step number one.

Step two is keeping in touch with other groups in other states in order to share ideas and organize protests against whatever you are protesting. Personally I have never gone to a protest, but would support this effort whatever way I can.

Right now everything is too fast moving because although I am in awe of the growth of the membership here, it is totally disorganized and unmanageable because these threads move too fast to follow unless you can stay on it all day.

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More of our money about to go out the window. ____

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I find it very difficult to follow anything on this site. If I post something it is soon lost. It has to do with the format of the message boards not the site itself.

I think the membership growth here is more than I have ever seen on any message board website since I started doing this back on MSN groups in 1997. I ran a site there for 10 years but sadly those groups have been eliminated and replaced with blog like forums. Again they tend to be difficult to follow.

I think part of the problem here is also what is good about this site. The huge membership and number of post daily exceeds 500 (I was getting them by email for awhile, hoping that would be easier to follow.) It would be a real shame to lose this membership advantage with chaos. The site needs monitors, easy to follow topics and some sort of organization to allow for members to actually communicate.

Unless you can spend hours watching for a response to your message they tend to get lost in the mahem.

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I can't speak for anyone else, but he is on the screen every single day. Tired of him? I was tired of him when he was campaigning, now I am just annoyed.