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var Sethiso:Human = New Human;
stage.addEventListener(NightTimeEvent.GO_TO_BED_SETH, GoToBedSeth);

function GoToBedSeth(nte_)


Error: Function "Sleep" does not have a body.

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I love it!
I also feel jealous of Anon.

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I think that she was referencing that, in Equestria, a lot of the species that are normally harvested for meat are sapient. Killing a sheep or a cow, for example, could probably be considered murder in Equestria.

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It's also about showing kids that mind control (force) is an acceptable way to make someone be environmentally friendly.
It's also about showing kids that if an old man has highly sensitive ears and asks you to turn down your music then he is just a grouch and you should turn your music to full blast.
They claim to be in support of "accepting your freaky, fabulous, flaws" but, instead, their show seems to support the idea that "it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside just as long as you are a disrespectful, shallow, and 1-dimensional on the inside." This is supported by the fact that the boys are often applauded for violent (skating competition) and irresponsible (YOLO-style) behavior and the girls are shown as being manipulative and over-dramatic.

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Wait, so then what's that mean for the cloppers?

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They actually have permission. All it took was a formal letter, apparently.

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Believe it or not, with enough searching, I actually found the picture in question.
It's from Ponibooru before it closed. You can still find it online, though, as there is a place with all of Ponibooru's explicit torrent images uploaded.
Its number is: 110304

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There has never been any sort of formal vote, contract, or even a mission statement released. They can say/post whatever they want and be perfectly justified is saying it because, technically, this is still a private blog.

What I'm saying is that even though they do have those filters, you shouldn't be surprised if they break consistency. There is nothing stopping them from posting whatever little things they like.
The same goes for ignoring quality content. It's their site, that is the end all of end alls concerning what they post.

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It's their site. They can post whatever they want. It's not like they've signed a contract saying that they "will provide quality content to the community from an unbiased standpoint" or anything.