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OOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYY GAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6MlaIe1ljs&fe...

VERY GOOD POINT. Damn that kinda was like a WOAH moment (the kind where you do a double take).

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Ya there is a lot of stuff flying around especially the theory she could become an alicorn. The only reason I don't think it will happen is because they have been pretty set in keeping Alicorns to royality (taking into account Lauren's show bible).

It would be cool to see her getting flying lessons from RD and stuff but it would also be cool if the destiny she has is that she becomes the grand mage of equestria or something (seeing as how since starswirl the bearded there seems to be a lack of presence in the grand mages department so to speak).

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Ya I guess your right. Your thought out replies have helped quell the rage inside me. And I definetly do agree that it was nice to see spike being a big help for once after the other 3 episodes where he really didn't do much.

I wasn't trying to trivialize his actions by emphasizing "physically" because let's be honest it takes a lot of guts to descend a tall as heck castle (on an impromptu dark crystal growth at that) just to deliver a crystal heart in person because throwing it off would be too risky (not being sarcastic I really believe it would be safer to deliver it in person).

He definitely was super awesome in that regard I just wish the credit was given where it was due considering how crappy she felt on the way back to the train at the end of the episode and given all that she and the others did.

Also at the end the book that Luna was holding up there seemed to be a lot of "stars" and "swirls" on the cover if you catch my drift.

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Okay good point in that respect I have to agree with you. Yes to Twilight she thought she was sacrificing the test to save the kingdom.

But it still really bugs me because the fact that the stain glass window only shows Spike. I mean ya if taken literally then the stain glass window does its job in saying that Spike PHYSICALLY delivered the heart. But what about the efforts of the others to put on the fair and Twilight in finding the heart.

It just.... I mean their logic just really bugs me that's all. When Twiight said at the end, "It wasn't me who saved you in the end, it was Spike" I mean I hope you can kinda at least see where I am going with this. I am not saying this to be right or anything, its more of a personal beef than anything because I am reading way too much into the episode. It just really gets to me for some reason.

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That point in particular bugs me a lot about this episode. Yes, he did deliver it but twilight did most of the work in finding it in the first place the only thing she was not capable of doing was PHYSICALLY delivering the heart to Cadence. I don't get why he deserves all the credit (referring to how only spike is shown in the stain glass window). Also what about her friends which help run the fair which gave them back their hope which is needed to power the heart. I really don't get it.

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Anyone else find that the story for this episode is actually great movie material and would have been better as an hour to hour and a half long movie rather than stuffed into a 40 minutes tv special?

I mean the episode was fun and I enjoyed it very much but like others I feel it falls short of the three other villain openers/finales. It just seemed really rushed. Also I don't understand how Celestia related that to self-sacrifice when twilight didn't sacrifice anything.

She found the book, helped put together the fair, discovered the secret staircase, determined how to open the trap door, figured out how to quickly ascend all those stairs in a short amount of time, and then found the crystal heart. If it is said that she "sacrificed" her chance to pass the test then Celestia is probably one of the worst teachers I have ever seen.

I mean it would be like me completing a calculus assignment and then my friend getting credit for it because I asked him to drop it off at the professors office for me. It doesn't make any sense why should spike get all the credit simply for delivering the heart. I mean ya it needed to be done and was important but that's only like 10% of the work what about the other 90% that apparently he will get credit for now. I really hope I am not the only one thinking this it has been bugging me for a bit.

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HA HA! I like it!

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Do I think the demographic of people who like the show was represented optimally, no. Do I think they did the best they could under the circumstances, yes.

I see your viewpoint on it for sure there is no question. Yes, someone could watch it and go "wow there are a lot of white people in that commercial." However that is only if you assume that everyone goes into watching a commercial thinking about how ethnically diverse it is.

Also a quick note on the purpose as I should have probably clarified while writing it and I realize that frankly I have failed to adequately explain myself. I did not mean to say the entire purpose of the commercial was to represent the diversity of the people who like the show.

I was merely referring to the purpose of letting fans send in videos to be used in the commercial to both make it partly fan made and to have a partial representation of the demographic (with respect to age, gender, and profession). They had to work with what videos they received. Misrepresenting the statistics of a group is just as bad as not optimally representing them.

Frankly I don't think any director should stop and think "Hey, that looks like a lot of white people" because just as much as skin colour shouldn't matter for any aspect of life it also shouldn't matter for this whether or not you think there are too many white people. It works both ways, if skin colour shouldn't even be considered as a variable in making decisions in life (such as making a video) then that also means that you should not consider it as a variable when judging this work given that the diversity being looked at only covers age, gender, and profession without any evidence to support that the director in some way, shape, or form is prejudice.

The only time this matters is if the director clearly went out of their way to exclude everyone except Caucasians from the video as this would be a very abysmal act of prejudice.

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They tried their best with the video that they had received from fan members. If you notice even the videos shown in the credits were not really high quality enough to be featured in a commercial.

I get what your saying about 2/3 of the males being servicemen but just because they are servicemen doesn't mean they aren't exactly like us when they are at home.

I agree that is wasn't a good representation of the Brony demographic (with respect to people coming from all facets of life whether that be age, gender, profession, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc...), I do not agree however that it is a misrepresentation. Those people on the commercial are people in the fandom that sent the videos in themselves and are thus part of the Brony demographic.

Nothing is being misrepresented only not being represented optimally.

Misrepresented: "Give a false or misleading account of the nature of."
'Not optimally" Represented: "'Not optimally' Be a symbol or embodiment of (a particular quality or thing)"
It is best to not mistake these two things as they are very different in meaning.

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Frankly speaking to even think about this commercial in the context of racial diversity and base it solely of the colour of the participants skin is abysmal. How do you know that just because their skin colour is lighter in tint that they are not Mexican, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Pakistani, Indian, etc... (this is not a joke statement I am serious about this).

To do such a thing just seems kind of off if you really think about it. Also the purpose was not to show ethnic diversity but age/profession diversity. Its not that people have a hard time believing that people from different ethnic backgrounds above a certain age likes the show. Its the idea that males/females (in general) above a certain age like the show that is hard to believe.

I don't think people are sitting there thinking "Now I believe that 21 year old white male likes the show but it just seems off that a 21 year old male (insert ethnic group here) likes the show."

Definition of Ethnicity: "The fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition."
Skin colour is not a good factor to determine a separation of ethnicity.