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I can't see I truly see anything anymore. Not after that fateful day.

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This is a test continuation of a dumb joke. Reply if you're still breathing.

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Interesting that that statement could also be applied as the significance of the Rainboom. One event led one pony to change one event involving one other pony, and it would have led to the end of Equestria.

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Kylight Remner?

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That's komplettely staffel.

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Oh, SERIES. I thought you said season, so I was limiting it to characters from Season 5.
My inconsequential mistake!

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What were the first two? I'll hazard a guess... Pinkie/Favour and TwiDancer?

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I really like the expansion of Hearth's Warming as a holiday. The traditions like dolls and flag-raising really make it seem like it's own distinct holiday, and not just a Christmas analogue. Not many cartoons would go to that effort in creating a world.
The Pies were great fun. Just over-the-top enough to be real, and all distinct characters. Although apparently there are some weird religious sects going on, what with this Stone of Shipping.
And the conflict felt genuine. The scene in the mine at the end was great. Overall, one of the better episode of the season.
Someone posted a really fascinating commentary on FIMFiction about how this episode might imply a deeper social divide between the families. It's worth a read if you like the idea of socioeconomics at work in Equestria. https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/554290/hearthbrea...

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Change is not well-received by bronies
From what I've seen in the last few hours, it totally is.

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The movie is on at the same time as Doctor Who. This is a dilemma.