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Well. I suppose I'm thankful that it isn't worse than it already is, but mustering any kind of optimism about the way things have gone the last few weeks just makes me think of Candide (fuck Pollyanna and that newskool bullshit. KEEP IT REAL), and his dogged insistence that we are living in the best of all possible worlds. It must be so, because thinking otherwise is just too hard to bear.
If I'm thankful for anything, it's that I have someone in my life who loves me, with whom I hope to build a future someday, and that we are both far far away from those godforsaken places that make up the ugly, bitter remnants of the place I used to think of as my home.

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John Oliver raised a question I've been pondering myself for a while now: which state is going to go down in history as the last? Which state, after courts strike down all the other amendments and laws, is going to be the last one in the union with this particular form of bigotry still on its books? Which state is going to win the dubious honor of being the least progressive state on this issue, for all the rest of history?
I look forward to reminding whichever state it ends up being of this distinction at every opportunity.

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I don't see the part where he suffers any negative consequences for this klepto-capitalist bullshit.

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Real talk for a second. Uh, you do realize that a lot of the black militant groups in the 60s -- particularly the Black Panthers -- were formed specifically to agitate against republican policies at the time that were disarming them, right? Like, Huey Newton was on the steps of the statehouse in Sacramento, brandishing weapons and talking about Reagan's NRA-written laws that would have denied guns to black people, leaving them defenseless against armed white supremacists.
This gun raffle is of course totally racist, but let's not pretend that there is no connection at all between guns and movements against white oppression of the black community.

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Holy crap, happy tin anniversary, wonkers! The very first comment of mine I can find is three years old, but I *know* that's just because that's how far back the craptastic new comments system goes back.
Anyway, the point is, I'm glad you guys are gradually acquiring the musty patina of resepctable institutions, also. Can we play a celebratory edition of Fuck, Marry, Kill with the 2014 candidates?

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ohgod, she can "oversight" my "manifest financial malfeasance" with a stern lecture any time she wants. HOTT.

But seriously, though, she is all kinds of awesome. I really hope she makes a name for herself.

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Holy shit, you *so* need to poach Lindy West. Her tear-down of late-stage Gallagher shows for The Stranger fucking *killed* it. I have had a raging internet boner for her ever since.

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The YooToobe video is blocked in Germany because GEMA eats a bag of dicks. Here's the vimeo copy for people who don't abide that bullshit:

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Wait, there's been sexing in the comments? Shit, I'm missing out!

You guys, srsly: I'm lonely and have low self-esteem, so I'll do whatever degrading thing you want! Just say the word!

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As noted below, he's not charged with anything. Just "sought for questioning" in a matter that was closed the last time he was questioned about it, but then re-opened in a district not of the original jurisdiction, but which *happens to be* the district housing the airport through which the "extraordinary rendition" flights passed through Sweden on their way to Torturestan.
Also, why the US somehow felt the need to note that it did not consider his asylum request legitimate, and did not consider itself bound by the relevant treaty, should give one pause. As should the British government's suggestion that they might consider storming a sovereign embassy to seize a non-UK citizen not charged with any crimes.