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Typical AP bullcr@p.

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I don't get all the fretting over the "electability" of the Republican nominee. By the end of this summer, Obama will be TOAST - so we might as well get as conservative a nominee as we can.

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Slavery existed in the U.S. because Americans are *human beings* first, then Americans. The beauty of the U.S. Constitution - and why it endures, and does not need to be a "living document" - is that it was written to govern immutable human nature, not as a response to the political realities of its time. (Thank you for that insight, Mr. Skousen.)

Mr. Obama tells us that our Constitution was “stained by this nation’s original sin of slavery” - but offers no ideas as to how our history might have rolled out differently. Progressive critics of American history *imply* at least that the correct opening move in the chess game of America would have been to deploy ALL the pieces at once. That's ridiculous; it happened in the ONLY way that would have produced a nation that survived (and it barely did survive the Civil War).

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M&M/Mars is using the FLOTUS as an excuse to decrease portion sizes while likely maintaining the same price points (like many of the ice cream companies who no longer offer a half-gallon, and coffee companies whose bags are shrinking further and further from a pound).

There are other candy companies to patronize...

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Sounds to me like a setup to show us all how much in control Obama and Big Sis are...

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I've noticed that of the handful of my friends that proudly proclaim themselves "progressives", even those worthy of debate (i.e, those who could represent their positions in a manner reasonable enough to warrant consideration, and open-minded themselves) have become rarer and rarer. I think that much of that is due to the existential threat of seeing their world view collapse around them as the evidence mounts, and the fact that divisive rhetoric has been embraced at the highest levels of their chosen "power structure". Friends of mine on Facebook have made some of the most hurtful comments without giving their impact a second thought. When confronted with it, they fall back on generalizations that they'd SWEAR that I, personally, don't exemplify. Yet they ramble on about vague, infinitely-relative concepts like "fairness" that they can't even quantify from their *own* perspective. How sad...

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There are people who are oblivious to their own hypocritical hatefulness, and there are those who just don't care. I'm not sure which group *neo__conned* falls into. (Not that it matters; they're equally pitiable.)

I don't necessarily believe in God - but I believe in Karma. And in that context, people like neo__conned make me smile. But even if THAT doesn't exist, the time wasted in trying to knock out a bop bag is its own punishment - especially in a godless world where the existence of the self is finite!

Now THAT is a cosmic joke!

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ExNYer1995: Bashir like Corky.

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Dream on.

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She was "dead" to me when her second ballad was indistinguishable from her first.

Someone like Mariah Carey does not have the vocal gift that Whitney Houston had, but she has shown much greater versatility and is more entertaining. Never quite got the fuss over Whitney Houston. Sure, it's sad that she died and all (though not unexpected), but let's not drag this out for weeks and weeks and weeks...