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/) Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.

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That magic unicorn sound was super powerful. Made me feel like something important was going on whenever they used magic.

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It's been a thing since Baby Cakes. She jumps out of their cake in the first song sequence.

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Those are some weird chords there, but it is a slower version of the song. I've used a version on Everypony Sings that's pretty good. Sounds very nice on my twelve string.

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The real problem is what the reveal did to the Korra community. People who had no interest in the show suddenly do because "ER MA GERD PREGRESSIVE". Not saying that the decision shouldn't have been made (haven't watched one episode of Korra, as of yet) but it's not the backlash that stings, it's the "fans" eating it from the inside.

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I LOVE German Rarity. She has the incredible poise that anyone portraying her should.

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As far as I recall, Earth Ponies are the only ones who can grow food, so that would explain why you always see them doing farmwork. How that really works, I'm unsure. It's their type of magic, though.

Gave me an interesting idea for a story, where one Earth Pony lords over a town, charging them exorbitant prices for food, so they kidnap Applejack to help them. Might write that one, actually. Got some interesting ideas.

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Fantastic! I'm glad that people haven't forgotten about Paper Mario.

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I don't really get the point in dubbing Two Best Friends play. Why not just make their own Let's Play series?

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Definitely not. It's not how the show is paced anyways.