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This porn story is made up by the CIA, I don't believe it!! (I am not trying to take away the fact Obama was an evil man, but this is justi icing on the propoganda for those who believe all of the BS)

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Can you point out what similiarities in "gods" they share? If you can't then don't say anything. Your are someone that has no idea what you are talking about.

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The Gulf of Tonkin proved to be a hoax and this is even more of a hoax as anyone with common sense can figure out. Obama and the CIA are leading this nation into a bunch of lies and hoaxes to usher in the New World Order. I am sure a lot of radical Muslims want to destroy the US so what else is new? I

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Homosexuality and doing drugs with needles are the main causes by far in the US.

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Impeach McGuinn!!

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binLaden has been dead for a long time. You can go back to the old Larry King interviews, MSNBC, etc where various officials in the 90's to around Sept. 2011 where they all say the same thing, including exiled Prime Minister of Pakistan (Mrs) Bhutto said the same thing (he had dead for years). Just like they lied about Jessica Lynch, Tillman, etc. Bin Laden had several things wrong with him that were serious that required a kidney machine back in the 90's. Did you see any medical equipment in this shack? The accounts of him rehersing making tapes over and over again should also sound fishy to you. It smells CIA / New World Order.

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This type of appointment and waste is and example of what McGuinn really is, by hiring this left wing environmentalist from the Cascade Bike Club. Let's send them both to out of the state- maybe to Antarctica.

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I think there should be neighborhood schools. My mother taught school when she had all several grades all in one classroom. So even if they have to consolidate grades, I think it is better than going to these mega schools.
Back then, they kids learned something (in the 40's).

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What about the missing $2million from the Shoreline School district years ago. Who took that money?
Many of these so-called personnel/human resource/admin entities need better scutiny.

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You stop at all rail road crossings and look both ways. Or is the Cascade Bike Clubbers promoting some kind of nonsense? I wouldn't put it past them as I see many bikers who don't pay attention to cars or pedestrians.