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Am I the only one who couldn't get through the second one without laughing? XD

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Yes! That's amazing. We're all rooting for you buddy!

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Given that these are all different family members giving their individual accounts, it's entirely possible that both are true and that both played a factor depending on who you asked. It also looks like Michael's biological parents separated at some point, which could lead to miscommunications between the families that could account for any inconsistencies in the details.

Now I feel like I'm borderline prying into family matters, and that's not what they reached out for. -_-

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Why would ponies necessarily come up in her post? And if you don't think a brother can bully a brother, you're fooling yourself.

Given the evidence, what we can really accept as true is the following:

1. An 11-year old has sustained severe brain damage (with hospital pictures to prove it) from a suicide attempt due to bullying.

2. The child is a brony, one of us, which may or may not be related to his suicide attempt. Also, the family has not denied the claim that the two are in fact related, implying that they are.

3. The family is reaching out to the community for support.

I see no inconsistencies here that would cause me to doubt their cause and withhold that support. How about you?

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I like the throwback to their competition in FWF because we get the impression that this is something that AJ and Dash do all the time.

And agreed, kudos to Ashleigh. I often forget that it's her playing both characters :p

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Hmmm... I think I'll just stick to the Fallout Equestria headcanon.

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That's the role she plays. While everyone else in the show acts like real people, Pinkie is like something from the Looney Tunes. That's what makes her so unique.

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Just refresh the page, you'll keep all the bits you've spent from previous plays.

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That's. Freaking. Awesome.

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I don't know much about programming, but this must be a fantastic thing to put on a resume.