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Does anyone know the author of Princess Bride? I've never heard of it before, and can't seem to find the right book in kindle store. :P

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Also we will have to visit Norbert.

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I think the continent would be more central for people not living in the UK (but feel free to contradict me, I really don't know too much about traveling from the euro-zone to the UK).

BUT. Since Britain is home to both Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings it would be totally awesome to combine a Mark Does with Tolkien/Rowling-sightseeing.

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Anyone up for Berlin? As I said earlier it's not a big issue for me where in Europe we suggest for Mark, but as Berlin is one of my favourite cities in Europe it would be great. I also know quite a few people there and could probably try to pull some strings in order to get us a good location (and some vegan food!).

Also, I've never been in Netherlands, and that would be great too.

Also: Mark, where do you wanna go if Europe is an alternative? Any favourite places?

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Your post might be hidden because Mark asked us to reply to the first post to suggest a place rather than suggest it more times. I can't see any of the other Europe-posts anymore.

I suggest somewhere on the continent, and I would reccomend that we try capital cities (or other large urban areas) so that as many people as possible will be able to come. If I were to come I would need it to be near an international airport with flights from Norway.

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How 'bout Europe! :D I'm willing to get on a plane to see you, but I probably won't be able to afford any transatlantic journey. Sooo, Europe people, where are you from, and where can you travel to meet Mark? (I guess I could suggest Norway, but I don't think there's enough fans here as we have a pretty small population already), but anywhere in Europe would work for me!

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Jej. Gandalf! I'm so glad that you know this now, Mark. I found it hard to discuss this book with that elephant in the room. It's not easy to ignore when you already know this.

Oh well. I am pleased to see that you've accepted that he's back. I must admit that I found it a bit strange and very deus ex machina when I read this the first time. It did not make sense for me according to how my own "logic of supernatural events in literature" works. I was like: "Oh Tolkien killed off Gandalf, but changed his mind and did not bother to re-write earlier chapters". But however, by the first re-read I was totally fine with it. It just makes sense that it's not that easy to kill off a powerful wizard as Gandalf.

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(No time to read comments today and I apologize if I am repeating lots of stuff that's already been said.)

First of all; what is this orc-characters-based-on-prejudice-theory? Is there a source somewhere, or is just speculations? I honestly can't say that I've managed to read anything out of the orch-storyline that gives me the impression that they are based on a real group of people. Not that I'm doubting you guys, as I have far less experience in the meta-world of Tolkien than most of you, but I am curious as I always believed orchs to be based on creatures from fairy tales ect.

Well I have to say that if this is correct it is fairly disappointing. I don't think it will affect much on how I think about the book in means of quality, because it's a masterpiece with no doubt, but I've always read it in a very optimistic way as to the "anti war and different creatures living and fighting together despite old prejudices, oh well.

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Yay! Finally the two towers! Nice header too!

I find it really frustrating that my copy of LotR is packed away due to lack of space, because I really don't remember much of this book. The beginning and end always stick somehow, but the middle part is tricky. But on the contrary it will be more exciting to read your reviews.

On the death of Boromir I found it sad, but still kind og necessary to have him killed. I'm pretty sure that's a blasfemist thing to say, especially since it REALLY is sad, but for me, he always were the weakest link, and it makes kind of sense (unlike the death of Gandalf which I am sure still will continue to surprise Tolkien fans for ages ahead).

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But most of all i am so excited to join you further on this journey in next week!!! :D