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perfect flippin. i couldn't gree more

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Muhammed used the same plot to terminate the jews from the arab peninsula,the conspiracy theory.he said they poisoned his food, they are making an alliance with the enemies...etc. and finally he came out with his famous quote " expel the disbelievers out of the arab peninsula"
now,where do muslims want to expel the disbelievers to avoid their evil plots?

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you can add carcinogens to food or water supply. the question is : what are this cleric's facts that support his claim? Daniel Pipes wrote about "the conspiracy theory in the middle east,the hidden hand"...there is always a hidden hand playing,scheming and plotting evil. the hidden hand is repsonsible for ignorance and backwardness,according to their claims. the hidden hand (read western and jews) deprives them of anything good and just prepares for evil. the hidden hand supports their dictatorships,and imagine, the hidden hand has determined the borders of their countries,and those borders shouldn't exist because there was no borders among muslims!

but i really wonder, how many amongst them thought of their own obvious hands? how many amongst them realize that development and technological accomplishments and quality education can be done only by their own hands if they want.

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i actually could manage to get some Ibn Warraq articles.but i couldn't find any place to download the book "why i'm not a muslim". do you have a soft copy of that book?
this guy is a treasure

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okay.i understand your point of view. __your posts are much like university lectures. you must be a professor or at least a very good reader to think that complicated,objective ,comprehensive and profound manner.__but i based my judgments on my own researches and conclusions.of course they can be right or wrong, but they are also based on a scientific course of thinking.a scientific course of thinking should start by defining the problem, subjecting it to an objective scientific analysis then trying to formulate a conclusion. for example,i will define equity versus discrimination as a problem. then comparing the islamic teachings with those standards : equity versus discrimination to finally reach a conclusion.__ it will take me too long trying to conform my postings to your analytical philosophical courses though. when i said Islam is against any established civilization i made the reasons that "other" civilization stems from evil and islam stems from the good,that is why it gives muslim the right to erase "other" civilizations. it will take me so long to prove that islam is false,but you concluded it in your last paragraph. ____

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quran:009.034 :" O ye who believe! Lo! many of the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks devour the wealth of mankind wantonly and debar (men) from the way of Allah. They who hoard up gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah, unto them give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom, "

"lo! the the only acceptable religion for Allah is Islam,and those who had the scripture beforehand (christians and jews) only differed through hatred and envy amongst themselves"

i think that is why islam is "ranked higher" for those idiots.

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I Like your philosophy and your way of analysis.
i really wonder how could a simple man like muhammad who lived a primitive life think of such complex structure of ideology to manipulate people and succeed finally in achieving his goals?

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do you want a consistent logic that proves that islam is dangerous to humanity? or a consistent logic to prove my definition of humanity? i will not try to define humanity again as i already did.
as for islam,here are my reasons why it is dangerous to humnity (aka all human beings according to my belief):
1-Islam doesn't accept the others and abase them until they are submissive to muslims.the same way those idiotic lawyers believe that it is "ranked higher"
2-hypocrisy: muslims give themselves all the rights while depriving the others of the same rights. for example,if the event of that article was about a christian in the west being sued and humiliated for converting to islam you would see all kinds of objections from the muslim world.they can't see their actions in the mirror because they believe their actions are what God wants, while "others' actions" are against God.
3-Islam is against any established civilization because,according to muslims, other civilizations stem from the actions of disbelief and god disobedience and islam must predominate this civilization and "erase it".
hope you got my point.

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humanity ,according to my definition, is all humans who live on this planet,including muslims.
i don't impose my definition on anyone, i'm just telling you my own conviction.

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muslims are not the worst enemies of Islam. Islam is the worst enemy to humanity. those are the direct product of Islamic teachings. the hadith stated above "whoever gives up your religion then kill him" doesn't need a rocket scientist to undertsand it. i'm Egyptian who was born muslim,i was born in that shit and i know well how dangerous it can be to all humanity.i have visited many muslim countries including the magic saudi arabia,the root of evil , and i know well how do those people think.____this religion is way dangerous than anyone here would imagine. it can destroy any civilization once infiltrated it. look what the terrorists did in london though the Brits gave them the refugee rights after those terrorists have escaped from their countries. look what islam has done to ancient civilizations and take such example.unfortunately it is very difficult to change muslims minds. it took me so much time and research to get onto those conclusions. please mr.spincer show my IP address to people who doubt my identity to make sure i'm talking from Egypt.