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You make an important point. There is a lazy assumption in this country that "It is the same all over the world". But the word lockdown is wildly different from country to country and it would not be surprising if the UK was the worst.

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You are right of course. What worries me the most about this whole shocking episode is the poor quality of Ministers who call the shots, people of limited experience. I have no idea how the Conservative Party might break out of this cycle of leadership poverty.

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One day, perhaps, the UK will review the actions taken during this pandemic with a cold and analytical eye. We need that cost benefit analysis which this anti-business and scientifically illiterate government has not provided.

The list of outrageous actions is long including lock down. But here I will just query one: why doesn’t Matt Hancock take up a 777 full of passengers? If he starts to answer the question he will know why he shouldn’t be Secretary of State for Health, in or out of a pandemic.

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Prof Watson should talk to the Americans. For a time they were partly funding the Wuhan Virology Lab. I assume that they were offshoring part of their coronovirus research.

The US became concerned about the security at this China's only P 4 (top security) lab and sent in teams of scientists, several times in as many weeks. I assume but don't know that as a result whatever the deal had been with the Lab then ended. All that was before the beginning of the present pandemic but not long before.

The overwhelming likelihood is that the virus escaped from this insecure lab. There was some kind of cyber incident in early October 2019 at the Lab and the timing would fit with what we know of early instances of Covid 19.

The CCP then had a field day with disinformation, artistically arranged bats on plates ready to eat and claims about the Wuhan wet market where they dont actually sell bats. They used the escape as a massive beneficial crisis. Tough luck that millions died but to them that's acceptable collateral damage.

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I've never quite understood his financial connection to his homeland of Kurdistan. Does anyone know?

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“This White House looks to be significantly more interested in policy than politics.”

An odd remark. Trump radically changed US policy virtually across the board, much of which Biden is now attempting to reverse.

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Both parties have roughly the same Covid policies. I have no idea how this will play out but there are plenty of people like me whose lives have effectively been destroyed -we live in hope of better times but with Hapless Hancock, Buffoon Boris those times are receding to a far distant point which we may never reach. If a party offers a rational, scientifically based approach I would certainly vote for it.

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At least this governments ridiculous actions akin to fascism have given a good laugh to those of us in distress under house arrest. Read the comments under similar articles in The Times Telegraph or Mail. This government might have serious problems at the polls but then it will not be challenged for 4 years, just the locals.

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I have a basic understanding of viruses. Masks of the kind we wear, do next to nothing to stop viruses. There is a small argument for those coughing and spluttering that a mask will reduce the viral load. For most of us that is irrelevant. But it is not a hill to die on if Boris in his Great Fight with his Knee on the Throat of the Virus deems otherwise.

I do indeed go about though there is far less of that in the UK, at least London, than the US.

We caught Covid 19 in New York Christmas 2019 without then knowing what it was. Most likely it was a heaving Christmas Eve Mass which did the damage with people from all over the world. Today we would not consider that remotely sensible. The Swedes have always seemed to have the best of the arguments - crowds bad, small groups OK.

Lock downs are an interesting concept taken to destruction here . There is a case, to which Matt Ridley referred again in this week’s Spectator, that lock downs can strengthen the virus. I have heard that from numbers of scientists. It is intuitively logical. It may even account for our poor results. Hopefully studies will be produced.